All about USHEALTH Group, Inc.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. has a number of subsidiaries that includes Freedom Life Insurance Company of America as well as National Foundation Life Insurance Company that seek to be the American’s most sought after and trusted choice of healthcare. USHEALTH Group is an amalgamation of a family of organizations that are brought together to achieve similar objectives. These group of companies is committed to offering innovative Life, accident and disability insurance alternatives for individuals who are self-employed, owners of small enterprises, families as well as their employees. By providing its insurance services through its companies USHEALTH Group has provided service to more than 15 million customers with personally customized plans for over 50 years.

The company has a wide range of products, for example in the area concerned with the sickness and accident insurance cover, the USHEALTH Group of companies comprehends that each customer has unique needs. According to the company, it states that they understand that each customer should be allowed to choose and that their customer truly values the wide range of products options that they provide as their customer seek the best protection alternatives that uniquely fits them. As a result, the company has come up with a large portfolio of insurance cover that promotes customer alternatives. The company has adopted unique product design that enables the company to differentiate and meet the needs of every customer through affordable as well as reliable insurance options.

There are customers who do not have sufficient capital or are concerned about meeting the high annual deductions prior to receiving any befits from their insurance cover plan, the company a solution for such customers, they provides innovative products that give first dollar returns for the covered services and quite large network discounts on the entire products that they provide. These alternative plans are quite affordable compared to more comprehensive plans, while at the same time offer the first dollar protection as well as assurance that the limited protection plans provide.

The USHEALTH customers have wide variety of alternatives for instance there are those customers who would like their security option to be personalized approach and can be affordable depending on its specified level cost sharing, the USHEALTH Group has distinctive selection of the categorized disease and accident plans which provide welcome solution which is flexible, affordable as well as reliable. This is an illustration of the USHEALTH Group’s progressive commitment to customer satisfactions.

It doesn’t matter the type of health their customer opt for, they are committed to assisting them to improve their protection with their full line of supplementary products, that includes short term accident disability, income protector, as well as the term life insurance. In the market that is characterized by high customer turnover and low customer benefit, the USHEALTH has overcome all these challenges to succeed in what it does best.




Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks

Antony Ressler purchased the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million in April 2015. Ressler was a finalist in the competition to the purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers, but he under bid their $2 billion sale price. Forbes Ressler’s net worth in 2005 was $1.4 billion when he purchased the Milwaukee Brewers with Mark Attanasio.

Owner Bruce Levenson put the Hawks on the market in January 2015 after their value soared when the NBA signed top-dollar contracts with television sponsors. At the advice of his financial advisors, Levenson expected $1 billion from the sale of the Hawks.


Attorney Bruce Levenson co-owned Atlanta Spirit, LLC and co-founded United Communications Group (UGC) with Ed Peskowitz. He’s been on the board of directors of TechTarget, Inc. since February 2015, and he contributes to diverse philanthropic foundations. He serves as president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” and he’s on the board of directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson earned his Bachelor of Arts from Washington University and his Juris Doctorate from American University. He began his career by writing for the Washington Star and the Observer publishing company.

The sale led to the “wrongful termination” of the team’s general manager, Danny Ferry. He signed a six-year contract with the Atlanta Hawks in 2012. Levenson, owner and partner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, expected his commercial insurance to pay Danny Ferry, but his New Hampshire insurance company replied he failed to open a justifiable claim and paid nothing.

Levenson filed suit in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13 against American International Group (AIG) insurance company for breach of contract. Levenson’s suit claims that the Atlanta Hawks were insured against losses related to employment practices under their AIG employment insurance and were liable for Danny Ferry’s losses.

For more info, visit Levenson’s Wikipedia page and personal website at

Jason Hope: A Hope for The Future

Jason Hope is an Arizona native, entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist, with a passion for technology, currently living and working in Scottsdale, AZ.

Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and received his degree in finance at Arizona State University. Hope then went on to earn his MBA at ASU’s, W.P. Carey School of Business.

Since then, Jason Hope has established himself as a skilled technology futurist; capitalizing on his obvious passion for, and understanding of technology.

Hope carefully observes the industry, and is able to make valuable insights into the future direction of technology and it’s many trends.

Many modern companies, organizations, and even individuals looking to capitalize on future trends, and remain relevant beyond tomorrow find his insights and advice enormously helpful in their decision making at

But technology is not Jason Hope’s only passion. He also has a strong leaning towards the world of philanthropy, which has become a large focus for him and his work.

Jason Hope has pledged $500,000 to he SENS Research Foundation; a California based, non-profit organization that focuses on rejuvenation bio-technologies, with direct applications to aging, and age-related diseases.

Some age related diseases include: Alzheimer, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

Jason Hope believes that their work and approach is essential to the advancement of human medicine, and quality of life. Hope has stressed that he believes that advances in rejuvenation bio-technologies on is the future, going beyond the idea of anti-aging, and into longer, healthier human lives.

In addition to his half million dollar donations to SENS Research Foundation, Jason Hope has also been involved with, and has invested in such organizations and foundations as the the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Tony Hawk Foundation the Andre Agrassi Foundation, the True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the T Gen Foundation, Teach For America Phoenix, the International Foundation for Education and Self Help, and the Arizona Science Center where he holds a position as a member of the Director’s Circle.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope strives to give back to his community in as many ways as possible, and that means being a strong supporter of local educational programs designed to promote learning inside the classroom, and beyond into the future.

Stand Firm Against Cyber-Bullies With Profile Defender

Everybody has heard horror stories of the bullying incident that had long-term consequences. Kids fear for their safety when they go to school, and every day is just another day that they have to get through. Sometimes the result can be fatal. Adults can be bullied as well, but this is a different form of bullying. Just as it does not require courage for a bully to walk up to a smaller, younger kid on the playground, it also does not require courage for a cyber-bully to get on the Internet and smear another person. Cyber-bullying could have a fatal effect or at a minimum, forever ruin the reputation of a good person. Fortunately, companies such as Profile Defender will stand for the little guy, helping them to navigate through the attacks and emerge untainted.

Misinformation Spreads Like Wildfire explains that when you are on the Internet, all sources appear to be equal. If you are reading a post from an esteemed scholar, it might look no more credible than the pseudoscience written by a laymen. People tend to just accept what sounds more interesting or what corresponds better to what they already believe. Cyber-bullies take advantage of this. They often use what are known as click-bait articles to spread misinformation. These click-bait articles will flood social media outlets quickly and effectively smear a company or individual.

“Maybe I’ll Move To Paris?”

After being victimized by a smear campaign, you might think that it is time for you to move to Paris after all. You have been thinking about it for awhile and now with this incident, it is time to get away. Well, even going across the world will not solve this problem. The Internet will follow close behind, like a companion. Even if you relocate or wait ten years, the smear campaign will still be there. The Internet remembers.

Anybody in the public spotlight, such as a small business owner, could be victim to a smear campaign. That is why companies such as Profile Defender are so integral to success. Branding requires not only self-promotion but also self-defense.


Alexandre Gama, The Copywriter

Who would have known that this whole road less traveled writing career can actually take you places. Shame on anyone who shamed you for pursuing such a creative passion. The passion to be able to piece words together to teach the masses. Alexandre Gama did just this.

A true inspiration, a former copywriter, turned CEO of his own advertising firm, Neogama. Alexandre Gama is one of the most awarded and recognized copywriters of his generation. He makes you believe that you can go far by being the creative type.

With an entrepreneurial vision for himself, his company, created in June 1999, was the biggest growing agency in the country for three years straight. Neogama provides advertising services, based out of Brazil.

Alexandre Gama created a powerhouse from a career that many are choosing today. He took what he knew and projected it into an amazing advertisement firm. He has won all major awards for creativity and excellence. Just in 2007 he was awarded Entrepreneur and Director of Industry of the year by Cabore’. Also awarded as Creative Professional of the year among many other recognitions, he is a true inspiration that you can go places.

Wikipedia Invites Editors To Expand Its Coverage Of Native People

Wikipedia consists of more than 5.2 million articles. They have been written in the English language. It has over 2.9 million users. Wikipedia ranks as the top online encyclopedia for many browsers. However, the site has little content about the natives. According to the 2015 research, it was found that local users of Wikipedia, especially those in high-income countries, hardly take on projects that involve their own culture or country. The University of Oxford conducted the research. Wikipedia’s policies for one to contribute to its articles are strict. This situation hinders people from undertaking successful edits. One is required to observe keenly the writing policies of Wikipedia. To this end, Wikipedia is inviting its enthusiasts to attend the Indigenous People’s Day edit-a-thon event where they will embark on fleshing out articles that cover the Native Americans. In the past, this tactic was successfully used to promote coverage of women content and increase their contributions. This information was originally reported on Smithsonian Mag as explained in this link
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Mike Baur: Banker Turned Investor

Mike Baur is a Swiss banker, businessman, and investor. He is the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. He then went on to get a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester.


Mike was a banker and worked for some top banks such as Clariden Leu and UBS before becoming an investor. He was mainly involved with the wealth management department at UBS. Mike worked in various roles at the company in this department. He left the field to become an investor in startups. Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


The company is located in Zurich. It is a startup accelerator that incubates startups for three months. The Swiss Startup Factory provides other services for startups other than the financial investment. The startups have access to co-working spaces where founders can work and network instead of looking for an office.


Mike became a deputy managing director at CTI Invest when the Swiss Startup Factory went into a partnership with the CTI group. He acquired the role because of his stellar work at the factory. The company has partnered with other firms for past programs such as the Fintech Fusion and Goldbach. The accelerator has advocated for better laws that foster a favorable environment for the startups to exist.


Swiss Startup Invest aims to be the leading startup investor in Switzerland. It invests in both early and late stage startups that work together with the founders to grow the startups to maturity. It also collaborates with industry partners to look at ways that they can partner with the startups to help each other. The company arranges events for startups that seek to help them learn and network with other startups and potential clients.


Mike has been a speaker at some major events. He was a speaker at the World Wide Forum. Mike has also served as a judge at various startup contests such as START summiteer which was held at a university in Switzerland. Mike has also worked for the Innovation Lab Fribourg as Vice President. He was also the owner of Think Reloaded AG. Mike Baur has been influential in the development of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. His efforts have made it easier for more people to start up startups and grow them into successful companies.

Handy From Lows To Soaring Profit

Oisin Hanrahan is the CEO of Handy and Umang Dua is the co-founder. The idea of Handy occurred when Oisin and Umang were attending Harvard Business School as roommates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They felt there was a need for an on-demand service for cleaning and that it was an unexplored territory for profit.

During Handy’s first 2 years changes happened. Dozen of workers had been hired. Chatbots were used for customer service purposes. However, Oisin and Umang continued to experience unprofitable circumstances with the company.

Handy was on the road for possible transformation. The major transformation had to do with the systematic way that would hire cleaners for the company. During this time Oisin wanted to steer away from the online process of bringing forth possible cleaners. Umang during this time was hesitant about Handy undergoing a major change in general.

January 2015 Oisin and Umang decided to put forth a test run for a new system in Washington, D.C and Miami. By November 2015 Handy had achieved $50 million funding. The achieved capital had given these two gentlemen some relief. Following the achieved capital Oisin and Umang had to determine how they would proceed with being profitable. Handy proceeded with an online strategy for onboarding that would be throughout all of Handy’s markets. Shortly after Handy had experienced some ups and downs. This had provided a new perspective on managing the company.

Recently, Handy is beginning to look more profitable with each quarter that passes. All of the company’s cities margins are positive. Handy’s margins have jumped from 7% to 20%. The company has a growth revenue of more than 50%. Handy has reached $1 million bookings.

In conclusion, minimizing the amount of market expansion and taking control of optimization has helped Handy become a more profitable company.




Doe Deere Head Of Lime Crime Helps Company Become A Brand

The cosmetics manufacturer, Lime Crime, has established itself as a success story of the Internet. It debuted on eBay and thanks to the design sense of its founder, Doe Deere; it helped to create a new trend for women. The principal of the business is a lovely, transplanted Russian counter-culturalist who wished to change the staid rules concerning makeup. Deere fully believes that the standard idea of beauty is all wrong.

What Deere and her adherents, called unicorns, desire is to stand out and apart from the crowd. Deere, herself, is very noticeable with her chiffon blue hair and intense eye makeup combined with an equally powerful lipstick. During the early stages of Lime Crime’s business development, Doe Deere served as the company model and she was awe-inspiring.

A porcelain blemish-free face combined with a sense of innocence projecting from her eyes. This sense of innocent demeanor and propriety has helped to create this angelic, child-like, fantasy personality for Deere, who has called herself, the Queen of the Unicorns. This was in strong contrast to her somewhat risque pose on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Lime Crime now happily settles into the stage of business life where all the hype and hoopla is dying down, and advertising and packaging will play the most important part in the company’s future development.

According to DollSkill, The hardest work for Lime Crime is over thanks to the efforts of Doe Deere. Now success can be combined with future achievements for Deere and company. A book depicting the travails of her struggles to create this brand and any insight into this dynamic woman would be worth the read.

She is another example of a woman catapulting a company into the spotlight and giving consumers what they want. This time the product offers a pure expression of personality in a lipstick or eye treatment. Deere has helped to change fashion and style and given personal physical expression a new palette of colors.

Lori Senecal’s Flourishing Career

Lori Senecal is a successful marketer based in the U.S. She has worked in this industry for more than a decade and has made huge accomplishments during this time. She currently works as the Global CEO of CP+B and has held this position since 2015. She is also the president and CEO of MDC Partners. Senecal holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, marketing and finance from McGill University.

Career Milestones

In her current position at MDC, she is responsible for setting business strategies and ensuring that they are implemented by those who work under her. Before taking up her position at MDC, Lori Senecal worked as Global Executive Chairman of KBS. KBS grew exponentially under her excellent leadership and was on the 2015 list of Crain’s best places to work in New York. Lori worked at McCann Erickson, where she held various leadership positions, before joining KBS. Her hard work and excellent leadership qualities have not gone unrecognized. She won a Quantum Leap award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2013. She was also named one of the 2014 Ad Age’s Women to Watch.

Read more: CP+B Names Senecal Global CEO

Interview with Laura Dunn

In an interview with Laura Dunn of The Huffington Post in March 2015, Lori Senecal talked of how her life experiences have shaped her into the person that she is today. Being the youngest of 4 children, she had to work extra hard to match up to her older siblings’ talents and accomplishments. She learnt to be bold and different in order to stand out in everything she did. She is a strong believer in embedding the right values into the culture of an organization to drive positive change. This is one of her biggest secrets to success. The most important lesson she has learnt over the years is to know one’s strengths and use them to create one’s own career and leadership opportunities.

Bottom Line

Lori is passionate about her job and this is evident in her accomplishments. She is disciplined and goal-oriented and believes nothing should hold anyone back from achieving their dreams. She loves to mentor young women who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing and those who work under her. Despite her busy work schedule, Lori Senecal is a fitness enthusiast and always makes time for a workout. She also enjoys eating healthy meals. Lori advises women not to shy away from opportunities for fear of not being good enough. She struggled with shyness and says her key to overcoming the problem was constant preparation.

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