Lego Presents New Toy Action Figure With a Disability

The millions of children who have disabilities in America now have a chance to play with a toy that looks just like them. The Lego company has recently released a new tiny wheelchair bound action figure to include in their packages of connecting blocks thanks to some people who started a petition group called “Toy Like Me”.

We saw Jon Urbana share these at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and the 9 and 10 year olds amongst the campers absolutely loved these. But so did Urbana’s 15-year-olds. Needless to say, we liked them too.

The Lego action figure has a support dog at its side and wears a cool outfit and hat that kids love. After the group received over 20,000 signatures on the petition for Lego to make action figures with disabilities, Lego started paying attention.

Lego has been making the same style of blocks and action figures for many years, and the Toy Like Me petition said that the company needed to diversify the look of their action figures to also include some that were disabled. The results of their efforts paid off, and now kids in wheelchairs all over the world will feel a little less alone when they play with a toy that looks just like them.