George Soros Expanded Efforts In Opposing More Border Security

This time, round Soros has not funded a Democrat; he has gone on the other side to fund the Ohio governor in the Republican race against Donald Trump. Soros is a great respecter of an open society and in respect to that; he is working on all efforts to ensure they are respected especially on Trumps campaign against immigrants. His fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller donated to ‘New Day for America’ a super PAC group in support of John Kasich $488,375. Stanly and Scott have been major managers in the Soros Hedge Fund. Scott left the fund in 2015 while Stanley is managing $2billion for the hedge fund. Soros according to the published article in Bloomberg says that he wants to make explicit the principles of open society and mute the sirens of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
However, it’s still a wonder of how the conservative group will take Soros’ soft loan” donation as referred by the Federal Electoral Commission. Kasich is also receiving great support from the supporters of Rubio as a strategy to prevent more delegates from being pulled to the Trump’s side of thinking. Soros fund move is an extraordinary one as Kasich joins the Clinton group that has received $8 million since 2012. This, however, remains a wonder to many as to whether it could be some sinister.

Well maybe Soros is trying all he can to promote the respect of principles of an open society that Trump and Cruz are not. Soros has an Open Society Foundation, which he is the chairperson and he funds other foundations that are of respect to human rights and promoting the principles of democracy. His effort is to promote respect for all individual rights, ensure accountability of the government and ensure no one monopolizes the truth. Soros has been a great influence on both investments and politics. He has written essays and books to advise investors and also as warnings to any upcoming crises like 2008 one. George Soros happens to be independently wealthy, and he is aged 80 years.

He relocated to New York and pursued his studies there after the Holocaust in his home place Hungary. He won his first bet with the prediction of the lowering value of the British pound. George Soros hedge fund is listed among the top performing hedge fund in America and is recognized by Forbes in the top 400 wealthy Americans. Soros is also a liberal Democrat, who apart from Clinton and Kasich is funding a Latino super PAC and influencing other wealthy Democrats to donate $15 million to make immigrants support a Democrat in the current political campaign. Wealthy investors refer to him as bell weather among the Democrats, and he has continuously warned of the European Union collapsing especially when the Russian president passed a ban on Ukraine. Many investors respect his investment moves and advice; he also has received an honorary degree from Oxford University for his outstanding experience in the investment industry. Probably his donation is also his strategy in advocating for an open society.