Lime Crime Cosmetics; The Brightest Colors In The Make-Up World

Have you ever dreamed of living in a world like “My Little Pony” and Barbie? With all those fun and bright colors, unique patterns and all that glitter? Not to mention, living in a real life dollhouse? Lime Crime founder and CEO, Doe Deere, represents exactly that. Doe Deere’s look combines that of a Japanese harajuku girl and the 90’s. When you look at Doe Deere, with her bright colored hair, beautiful porcelain looking skin, doll face Make-Up and rare clothes, you want to be as unique as her. Lime Crime cosmetics stands exactly for that: be you, be unique, be a unicorn.

Starting out as a clothing line in 2008, Lime Crime gain more success with launching their “Unicorn Lipsticks” instead, that Doe Deere focused on just make-up. The unicorn Queen wanted to create a make-up line, as bright as neon, with all colors and hues in the rainbow and between, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free. But creating a product isn’t all there is; it’s the packaging that’s the key element of branding. Lime Crime‘s packaging usually includes a lot of flowers, unicorns and the color pink.

In 2012, Lime Crime Cosmetics hit the market and social media hard with “The Velvetines”, a matte liquid lipstick with a unique formula, inspired by the luxurious texture of rose petals. The Velvetines come in bright colors, as well as in darker hues. Lime Crime released a total of 29 different hues in their Velvetines, over the past few years. And the demand is high. Lime Crime’s newest creation, are called “Perlees”, a metallic-pearl lipstick, with a lightweight formula. “Perlees” are available in nine different shades.
Aside from lipsticks, Lime Crime also offers liquid eyeliners in five different hues, as well as eye shadows, like the “Venus Palettes”.

Lime Crime got pretty popular over the last few years and recently launched the line at Urban Outfitters and Dollskill. Lime Crime offers worldwide shipping and is also available in selected stores outside of the United States. What will Lime Crime release next, after amazing lip products and eye shadows? According to Doe Deere’s Instagram, she stated that she’s working on launching bright hair dyes, like the ones she’s wearing. Isn’t that exciting news!  Be sure to keep following them over at Tumblr.