George Soros Prediction On The EU Collapse

Gregor Schmitz Peter at the moment the chancellor of German was put on the verge of the very cover of the magazine and was then refereed as the very chancellor that advocates for a free world. The question is if you think this action was very justified.

George Soros on the other hand as it is well known to you, has been very obstetritical on New York Book Review to the chancellor as it has been well known to you and is even to the present times has been very critical to the obstericity of the chancellor as well as his policy as well. After the attack of the Russian federation on the member state of Europe called Ukraine, she therefore became the European Union leader henceforth and that was what was called the free world indirectly. Before the occurrence of the act, she remained to be the most gifted politician that the entire European governance has ever had in the past.

She has ever been on the side of the Russian federation and this is said to be true because he has never had any action taken against the invasion of the Russian federation as well. She has ever had the public to support her in every aspect of her politics because she had the gift from the public to lead them. She could read the sombre mood that was on the faces of the public people and do anything in her power to cater for it as well. She has one become the leader that has his neck strangled and struck right on her neck because she resisted the Russian aggression to Ukraine in opposing the opinions that were prevailing at that very moment and point in time.

She has perhaps been on the forefront as one of the European leaders in advocating for justice and also the well being of the people as well in the long run. She was the only single leader that is left in the European union that recognized that the European union is in the verge of collapsing due the crisis that affected in which was the migration crisis. The crisis is yet in a far away process to reach its realization in terms of being solved by the European leaders and their strategies that they have put in place to have it mitigated or destroyed forever and rest the case. In the most unfortunate news, they never prepared the planm in the most opportune moment because they failed on their part as the leaders in formulating the best way to deal with these crises and which one would have been the ones that be given the greater priority. The entire union is under an attack.