Kabbalah International Centre For Kabbalistic Teachings That Supplement Religion And Shed A Light In The Universal spiritual systems

Kabbalah Centre is an international non-profit organisation, based in Los Angeles, California. The organisation is devoted to teaching courses on kabbalistic wisdom and Zohar teachings using online platforms, study groups, and regional centres. It is the largest organisation in the world that devotes itself to passing on the kabbalistic wisdom, and teachings. Its main aim is to give people the wisdom needed to help improve lives and avoid quarrels in the world. Kabbalah Centre offers a wide variety of platforms from which the wisdom is passed so as to suit everyone interested in learning, regardless of their physical location, or schedules. The platforms include physical locations, online tutorials and lectures, downloads, CDs and DVDs and books.
Kabbalah Centre was founded in the year 1922, by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, in Jerusalem. After Rev Yehuda Ashlug died, he passed on the leadership Burton to his student, Rav Yehuda Brandwein. Rav Brandweinn later passed on in 1969, and the leadership responsibility was passed on to Kabbalist Rav Philip Berg, who still serves as the current Director of the Kabbalah Centre. The teachings contained in the Kabbalah Centre consist of Zohar, the sacred text with kabbalistic wisdom, and the combined writings of the world’s greatest kabbalist. The Zohar sacred texts explain the correlation between the mysteries and universal systems, as described in the Bible (Torah).

The Kabbalah Centre also provides a conducive and social environment for its students to grow spiritually, and to create long-lasting relationships with like-minded people. However, Kabbalah Centre does not present itself as an alternative to religion, but as a supplement to it. The Centre views the numerous religions in the world not as just cultural beliefs, but as universal systems of wisdom. The Zohar sacred scripts are a revelation of the interconnection that human beings have with a supreme being. The kabbalah Centre also teaches on the relevance of being concerned about our relationship with the essence of God and not God himself, since He is supreme and cannot be comprehended. The teachings of the kabbalistic concept called Klipot gives the idea that human beings are all connected to one upper metaphysical-spiritual world, but they are blocked by klippot.