A Hospital that combines 5 star goodness and excellent medical care

The word five stars have been for the longest time been associated with the hospitality industry. This is why it is a little bit hard for people to understand the concept of five star hospitals. However, this is exactly the innovative idea that the creator of the Copa Star which is located in Brazil had in mind when they were creating the business. The D’Or network has created not only one but a large number of hospitals using the concept. The Copa Hospital is located in Copa Cabana and the residents have attested to the fact that it is a unique concept.

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The level of comfort that has been incorporated in these hospitals is the first thing that one notice the moment that they get there. The wards of the hospital have been created to match the standards of a five star hotel, which ultimately means that when the patients are recovering, they enjoy the most comfort. The next step that the owners of the hospitals have taken is making sure that the staff that works in the hospital has been trained to offer the best standard of health care possible to their patients. This means that the professionalism of a great hospital is offered in a five star hotel setting.

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The main idea behind the establishment of the hotel was to make sure that the company remained the best provider of health care services, even though the setting is what many people would term as a little bit unconventional. In short, the aesthetics that have been added to the setting are not the main idea behind the hospital; it is the provision of treatment for the patients that is the most important. The hospital boasts 59 ICUs and they are well equipped to handle the need of even the most critical patients. Other facilities that are part of the hospital are spacious suites and places where the patient can go and relax. These include saunas, wellness centers and spas and also lounges where people can go and sunbathe. These are made to help the patients forget the stresses that are associated with being confined to a hospital ward.

The hospital was constructed at a cost of $115 million and covers an area of 10000 square feet. it is really a novelty in the country.

Smart and Experienced Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the most recognized sectors in the field of finance. Investment banking is the process of assisting business and individual increase their worth and raising funds for the businesses. The investment banking companies assist their clients by offering a number of services such as trading, research, merger as well as acquisitions. Through these services, client firms are able to make the necessary arrangement to facilitate mergers. They also coordinate mergers, the investment banking firms seeks to make sure that their clients are informed on the current state of the economy and manage capital as well. Thus investment banking firms play a critical role in the running of the entire economy.

Though there are many investment banking firms that partners with big organizations, there are investment banks that are committed to serving small enterprises and individuals. Through the help of these firms, a number of small business can get the capital they require so that they can begin operations and expand. They assist the number of individuals by providing advice and sound management services. Thus the small investment firms also referred as boutique investment banking are essential to the economy as well.

One person who owns and runs a small investment banking is Martin Lustgarten. His investment banking firm that is located in Florida. He has been spent a number of years in the field of finance assisting individuals and businesses. Martin Lustgarten has assisted various businesses that are often looking for financial resources. During his day-to-day business activities, Lustgarten works with the venture capital firms to get funding for his client. Due to his efforts, he has been able to help his clients get enough capital to make their companies successful. He has earned a reputation as trusted source of proving capital to various small companies.

In addition, to various assisting several numbers of businesses to get the finances that they need, he also uses his time to serve individuals to manage their wealth. Martin will also some of his time researching, analyzing and interpreting stock as well as other financial securities information. He will then find the one that will easily build wealth for his clients.

Martin Lustgarten’s Insights On Investment Banking

Investment banking firms play a crucial role in enhancing the economy of a nation. Investment bankers are well versed with the process of merger and acquisition. To this end, they provide reliable advisory services to their clients. Investment banks are involved in raising capital for different corporations besides restructuring such corporations to register maximum performance. In addition, investment banks engage in security trading, arranging for debt and equity financing and providing insights about the market. In order to be an investment banker, one will be required have proper academic background in the field of accounting and finance. Besides, one should have exceptional research and observation skills. By having interpersonal skills, an individual will be able to communicate with clients in an effective manner.
Martin Lustgarten is a good example of a successful investment banker. Owing to his expansive experience in investment banking, Martin opened his own investment bank in Florida. This firm is known as Lustgarten Martin. The firm is regarded as one of the most successful investment banks in the history of America. Over the years, Martin’s stewardship has seen the firm receive different accolades. Martin has a broad experience in equity and security trading. Because of its excellent customer service, Lustgarten Martin has maintained a good reputation. This way, the firm has registered a high customer base besides attracting new clients. Martin’s ability to communicate effectively has set him apart from the other investment bankers. Additionally, his quest to understand the market cycles has enabled him to make rational investment decisions.
Martin maintains cordial relationships with his employees. He communicates with them in a direct and personal manner. In the process, he motivates and inspires them to increase their productivity. As part of his experience, Martin has always passed information to his clients in a dignified manner. His advice for persons interested in a career as an investment banker is that one needs to be familiar with finances and financial services. In addition, an individual should be conversant with his or her area of expertise in order to provide sound advice to the clients. Lastly, Martin posits that an investment banker should be cautious of the risk in any investment project. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to keep up with his news and events.