Fixing Up Facebook-related Online Problems

Careers require a lot of work in order to maintain. Sadly, it does not take very much for a career to be in ruins. Those who make seemingly small mistakes by behaving badly on Facebook usually leads to shocking surprises. Personal and professional relationships can be ruined. Mending damaged personal relationships is hard enough. Losing a job over something as absurd as Facebook commentaries, well, that can be extremely difficult to fix. Bouncing back from being fired is never easy and it could be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Darius Fisher is a rising star in the world of digital marketing and reputation management. He was recently named to the Innovation 50 list as a marketer to “look out for” in the future because he and his company, Status Labs, have a great deal of potential. As president of Status Labs, Fisher helps those who are suffering reputation woes and need public relations management. Sometimes, the damage is self-inflicted.

Facebook feeds are a lot less private than people realize. Once the feeds are indexed by Google and the various search engines, anyone using Google to discover more information is going to see what is on those feeds.

Not everyone thinks of this when they write politically-charged commentary on their Facebook page. People do get offended by things they don’t agree with. Employees sometimes end up dragging their employers into the mix when they make comments. The comments do not even have to be of a political nature to cause problems. Anything that runs the risk of being deemed controversial has the potential to get people in trouble.

Once a mistake is made and a Facebook feed creates troubles, a call to Darius Fisher’s company is advised. A lot of work can be done to reverse the damage posted on Facebook or elsewhere. Perhaps Status Labs could even create a completely new social media presence that dulls the original, disastrous one. Fisher has pointed out in the past that delays are not wise. Unless specific work is done, the results in Google are not going to change.

Darius Fisher and the Art of Fixing Google Results

Google search engine results define people in the eyes of others. 10 years ago, such a statement would be considered absurd. Today, we know people learn about others by running their name through Google and other search engines. Very negative items in the search engine results end up creating an impression in the eyes of others. A person who suffered legal problems in the past might find those search engine results haunting them for years to come. Thanks to an article in, tips are presented to help those who are suffering from awful Google listings.

The article points out that the first step anyone should take is to clear out their cookies and run a Google search. Upon looking over the results, additional steps should be taken immediately to fix those problem that can be fixed. If not, those negative perceptions are going to remain.

New content has to be created in the forms of blogging, social media posting, article marketing, website publishing, and more. Information should be pulled from any and all data brokers.

All of these steps have to be done right away. They also have to be done right. Stumbling through the process is not going to lead to helpful results. This is why working with a reputation management firm is suggested. In particular, it is advisable to work with a firm that is run by experienced management.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, a reputation management firm based out of Austin, TX. Fisher is considered a rising star in the world of digital marketing. This is why he made the “Innovation 50” list at PR Week. He has also spoken at marketing events discussing the importance of Google results and reputation management.

Darius Fisher had to deal with a few crisis moments in his own business endeavors and overcame them. Right now, he is helping Status Labs grow as evidenced by offices opening in New York and San Paulo.

Working with an expert has its benefits. Among those benefits would be removing a host of negativity from the Google results.