Paul Evans Donating New Shoes to the Homeless

Paul Evans is a popular male shoe designer in New York. All of his shoes are made from the highest quality Italian leather and are handcrafted to provide superior fits for anyone who wears them. Now, Paul Evans did not originally start as a designer. He worked in a major firm out of New York and, as a high level employee in the company, he had to wear business attire every single day. This meant he went through a large number of shoes, and with the need to properly represent the business, the shoes often cost thousands of dollars. This set him back considerably, which is why he decided to provide quality, handcrafted shoes at a fraction of the price. He has since gone on to use the shoes he creates to help others less fortunate, including the homeless in New York.

The City of New York has a large homeless population. It isn’t to say it is any more than other major cities percentage wise, but as the largest city in the United States, it would make sense the city also has one of the largest homeless populations in terms of sheer numbers. While there are some individuals who are homeless based on their own accord and have no desire to move on out, there are others who are trying everything they can to start fresh. However, without business attire to wear for interviews and starting a new job, this can prove rather difficult.

Paul Evans, as well as several other outfitters, decided to donate to 14 different men in order to dress them and give them everything they would need to showcase confidence and appear fit for the job. Paul Evans and his company donated shoes to each of the men so they could not only appear perfect for the job but so that the shoes would last. The average homeless individual in the city of New York walks around 10 miles a day, so their shoes tend to wear out quickly. With the business attire and dress shoes though, they might finally have a chance to pick up that perfect job.