Michael Burwell Is Unbeatable In The Field Of Finance


Most business leaders espouse incredible advice, best ideas, and wisdom to survive even in the most complex ventures. One of the remarkable ideas, which have been made by Willis Towers Watson is the idea to hire Michael Burwell as the Chief Financial Officer in their organization. Arguably, the symbol of quality and the high-value employee is to assist any company grows. That is one of the symbols, which were reflected in the career of Mike when he offered his expertise to change the performance of Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP before he went to work at Willis Towers Watson.


Michael worked as senior personnel in the transaction services packages in the PwC. Michael held this position for more than 11 years. At PwC he did all audit related work using his auditing skills and experience for any client and delivered the best results possible. His Stint in PwC shaped his reputation, and that made him take over senior responsibilities at the PwCs central region. Michael Burwell as well appointed to be the CFO for the Global and U.S Transformation. That is one of the most fascination roles for him to be able to address the expedient challenges, which affected the growth of the firm and expunge the toxic factors.



Michael Burwell’s Successful Career

The success of Burwell is remarkable. He is known to be a great thinker who is full of creativity whenever formulating any business ideas. In his interview with Inspirery, Michael Burwell stated that most of the opinions they express come from the various professionals in the firm. He added that every person in the organization plays a significant role in defining how the organization runs day in and day out. Every perspective from any staff is considered a vital tool in creating more coherent strategies for the entire firm.


All the ideas of the individuals in the firm are well assessed before they are implemented in the Willis Towers Watson company. The leadership skills of Michael Burwell have led Willis Towers Watson to experience an incredibly exponential growth rate since he took over his role in the firm. See Related Link for additional information.



About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a graduate from the University of Michigan where he shaped his skills in acquisitions and mergers. Furthermore, Michael is a certified public accountant. All the acquired skills also gave him the energy to handle various leadership and management positions during his entire career. That well explains why Mike is considered an expert in organizational optimization and financial risk alleviating professional.



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Michael Burwell And His Career In Finance

Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant with over 30 years of high-quality experience within the financial field. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting. Along with being a certified accountant, Michael Burwell is able to offer other financial services that make him a top contender in the industry. These services include mergers and acquisitions, financial advice, business startup, tax preparation and audit relief and loan financing. Michael Burwell continues his education in the field by completing courses and classes specific to finance. With his skills and experience in the field, Michael Burwell has been named one of Idea Mensch’s top 50 businessmen in the United States.


Currently, Michael Burwell is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, which is an accounting and financial advisory corporation which was founded in 2010. Michael Burwell was made the CEO of the company in 2017 after working for the company since its inception. Before he became the CEO of Willis Towers, Michael Burwell worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers for well over 30 years. In fact, after graduating from Michigan State University, Michael Burwell began his internship there, which later turned into a long and worthwhile career. He became the CFO of the Price Waterhouse Corporation in 2001 and was promoted to Lead U.S. Transactions Dealer. He was also the head audit professional for the agency, dealing mostly with corporations undergoing government audits.


Michael Burwell is an avid lover of all things sports-related and can be found either at a local sporting event or on the golf course in Michigan. He makes his home in Detroit, where he lives with his wife and three children. He believes that a strong leader is one who has a large network of both clients and corporate owners willing to affiliate with others. He can also be found jetting to different parts of the world, both for promotional purposes and to offer his financial services. He has been in France, Germany, Australia and Africa on business trips since his career started. Burwell’s future plans include creating a department specific to business startup advisory and branching out to different areas of the United States. Being one of the country’s leading financial advisors, he has worked with corporations such as Save a Heart, Ridgefield and Brooksdale. He continues to promote his business in a way that benefits both new business owners as well as large and seasoned corporations.


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