Variety of Beneful Dog Food Choices Matches Any Taste

Dog food market is changing with new start-ups coming up with new ways of making the products. The old method of mixing lamb and salmon and organic grain free foods will soon be forgotten. These innovators in the fast-growing industry worth around $ 23.7 billion according to and are easily winning the hearts of pet owners with their quality products, well presented and marketed with catchy lines like “healthy chow as good as what you put on your dining-room table”.


To add to their range of varieties, Purinastore has bought Merrick Pet Care. Merrick was the first organic pet producer to get certification to make wet and dry dog food. With Merrick’s Backcountry line that includes Pacific catch and game bird, Purina will never run short of options.


Purina is the producer of Beneful, a highly successful dog food line. The wet and dry dog food lines are made with ingredients like vitamin-rich veggies and real meats. The food is made to bring out the best tastes to your pet and minerals to nourish your pet’s body. Beneful dog food gives your dog the energy and nutrition to lead a healthy and happy life.


The ‘Healthy Weight with real chicken’ is a Dry Dog food variety that helps a dog live healthily. It is made of real farm-raised chicken blended to perfection with whole grains and vegetable accents. The whole formulation limits calories to less than 10%.


Nestle Purina has also set up a website where pet owners customize unique blends. This ensures that you feed your dog what you exactly want. It also serves as an experiment center where all the customer’s innovative ideas are taken to book.


Kevin, Nestle Purina’s Technical Operations Manager, grew up on a farm hence has the unique perspective on the ingredients and processes that are employed in manufacturing high-quality dog food. He works in close collaboration with factories producing Beneful products and helps ensure the quality of the food. Nestle Purina has also invested in a Nutrition Research team that evaluates the safety and ingredients that make Beneful dog food.
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Beneful Offers Healthier Pet Food

There’s a new pet food company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that is exploding onto the market. They are elbowing their way into a $23 billion pet food industry with the idea that pets should eat like their owners. This means the pet food that is cranking off the line inside the Pennsylvania-based factory comes in familiar flavors, like Thanksgiving feast. And the owners of this new factory stand by their product so much that they are willing to eat it right off the factory line during tour of the facility.

This shouldn’t come as a shock as people are turning in droves to non-GMO foods that are organically grown for themselves. During the 20th century there was an explosion of genetically modified foods as well as pesticides used for those foods, such as round up. But there seems to be an uptick in inflammation diseases such as cancer as well as hormonal diseases such as autism. As the general public grows aware of this trend, it seems that more and more people are searching on healthy, organic foods. And it doesn’t end at the kitchen table. Petfood owners want their pets to enjoy the same healthy benefits of high quality foods. That’s where the Freshpet factory comes in, the only industrial supplier of refrigerated pet foods.

Freshpet’s success has not gone unnoticed. The usual pet food manufacturers, such as Purinastore and its brand Beneful, have noticed the trend for healthier foods. believes in a healthier and happy side of dogs and that’s why they use only the highest quality ingredients in their petfood, just like the Freshpet factory. The company offers eight different varieties of dry dog, as well as 20 different kinds of wet dog. They also provide a plethora of dog treat options.

Because of the size of the industry — $23 billion — companies like Purina and their brand Beneful are always looking for an edge in the market. When petfood producers like Freshpet burst onto the scene, you can be sure that Beneful adjusts its strategy to please its customers. The twitter trend toward organic healthier foods is now benefiting everyone, including man’s best friend. Beneful is available on Amazon thru :


Our Morning Routine


Every morning I take my two dogs Bruce and Buffy to the park for a short walk before I have to go to work for the day. When we get to the park I tie them to the bench so I can sit and enjoy my first coffee of the day while they eat their Purinastore Beneful treats I bring for them. Having this routine makes a great start for me and an even greater start for my dogs because their favorite thing in the world is anything Beneful. Honest to goodness, at home I have a closet full of Beneful dry food, wet food and tons of treats for Bruce and Buffy. They are seriously the luckiest dogs in town.

Months ago I tried switching up their routine and bringing a container of Freshpet for each of them to eat while on our walk. I wanted to try this brand because I read an article online on wikipedia about the founder, Richard Thompson and why he created Freshpet. He has said that he wanted to produce a product that allowed dogs to eat food that was just as tasty and healthy as what their owners were eating. I thought it was a brilliant idea for him to do this while using fresh meat and veggies. Mainly because I myself love the healthy lifestyle and my dogs enjoyed those few times were they got Freshpet for breakfast.

Although they loved their Freshpet mornings, I had to go back to bring Beneful treats because the pet store downtown was not selling enough to keep it in the store at that moment in time. Our town is so small that really not much of anything sells around here. Even though we had to go back to treats, we still enjoy our time together every morning. I think it is important for all owners to do something special like this with their dogs. It allows them to release some energy before they are inside for the next 6-8 hours that your at work for.