Doe Deere Head Of Lime Crime Helps Company Become A Brand

The cosmetics manufacturer, Lime Crime, has established itself as a success story of the Internet. It debuted on eBay and thanks to the design sense of its founder, Doe Deere; it helped to create a new trend for women. The principal of the business is a lovely, transplanted Russian counter-culturalist who wished to change the staid rules concerning makeup. Deere fully believes that the standard idea of beauty is all wrong.

What Deere and her adherents, called unicorns, desire is to stand out and apart from the crowd. Deere, herself, is very noticeable with her chiffon blue hair and intense eye makeup combined with an equally powerful lipstick. During the early stages of Lime Crime’s business development, Doe Deere served as the company model and she was awe-inspiring.

A porcelain blemish-free face combined with a sense of innocence projecting from her eyes. This sense of innocent demeanor and propriety has helped to create this angelic, child-like, fantasy personality for Deere, who has called herself, the Queen of the Unicorns. This was in strong contrast to her somewhat risque pose on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Lime Crime now happily settles into the stage of business life where all the hype and hoopla is dying down, and advertising and packaging will play the most important part in the company’s future development.

According to DollSkill, The hardest work for Lime Crime is over thanks to the efforts of Doe Deere. Now success can be combined with future achievements for Deere and company. A book depicting the travails of her struggles to create this brand and any insight into this dynamic woman would be worth the read.

She is another example of a woman catapulting a company into the spotlight and giving consumers what they want. This time the product offers a pure expression of personality in a lipstick or eye treatment. Deere has helped to change fashion and style and given personal physical expression a new palette of colors.