A Comparison of Anime’s L and Totoro


Two anime characters that are known to most fans are L and Totoro who are two very different characters in every way. L. Lawliet who most fans just call L is the beloved human-like young man from the “Death Note” Japanese dark anime TV series. Totoro is an animal-like fantasy most beloved by a younger audience.


L is a character in Death Note, a Japanese TV series which crosses over several genres of anime. It’s in the mystery, suspense, drama or criminal genre. L is a heroic young male who gets pitted against mass murderer Light Yagami. L has been said to have no ego. Considered the best story ever in anime, Death Note is the story about a notebook that’s found by Light Yagami that kills anyone whose name gets written in it. Kiri uses it for bad intent while L tries to stop him. There have also been animated and live-action films of Death Note.


Totoro became popular when the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro was released in 1988 to critical acclaim. At that time anime wasn’t popular outside of Japan. My Neighbor Totoro is in the children’s or fantasy genre. It’s the story of two sisters nervously waiting in the rain for their father to show up on a bus so that they can visit their hospitalized mother. A big lovable unidentifiable animal, Totoro, comes to their rescue. Totoro can only be seen by children and appears with his giant cat bus throughout the film to help the girls.