All about USHEALTH Group, Inc.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. has a number of subsidiaries that includes Freedom Life Insurance Company of America as well as National Foundation Life Insurance Company that seek to be the American’s most sought after and trusted choice of healthcare. USHEALTH Group is an amalgamation of a family of organizations that are brought together to achieve similar objectives. These group of companies is committed to offering innovative Life, accident and disability insurance alternatives for individuals who are self-employed, owners of small enterprises, families as well as their employees. By providing its insurance services through its companies USHEALTH Group has provided service to more than 15 million customers with personally customized plans for over 50 years.

The company has a wide range of products, for example in the area concerned with the sickness and accident insurance cover, the USHEALTH Group of companies comprehends that each customer has unique needs. According to the company, it states that they understand that each customer should be allowed to choose and that their customer truly values the wide range of products options that they provide as their customer seek the best protection alternatives that uniquely fits them. As a result, the company has come up with a large portfolio of insurance cover that promotes customer alternatives. The company has adopted unique product design that enables the company to differentiate and meet the needs of every customer through affordable as well as reliable insurance options.

There are customers who do not have sufficient capital or are concerned about meeting the high annual deductions prior to receiving any befits from their insurance cover plan, the company a solution for such customers, they provides innovative products that give first dollar returns for the covered services and quite large network discounts on the entire products that they provide. These alternative plans are quite affordable compared to more comprehensive plans, while at the same time offer the first dollar protection as well as assurance that the limited protection plans provide.

The USHEALTH customers have wide variety of alternatives for instance there are those customers who would like their security option to be personalized approach and can be affordable depending on its specified level cost sharing, the USHEALTH Group has distinctive selection of the categorized disease and accident plans which provide welcome solution which is flexible, affordable as well as reliable. This is an illustration of the USHEALTH Group’s progressive commitment to customer satisfactions.

It doesn’t matter the type of health their customer opt for, they are committed to assisting them to improve their protection with their full line of supplementary products, that includes short term accident disability, income protector, as well as the term life insurance. In the market that is characterized by high customer turnover and low customer benefit, the USHEALTH has overcome all these challenges to succeed in what it does best.