Wikipedia Invites Editors To Expand Its Coverage Of Native People

Wikipedia consists of more than 5.2 million articles. They have been written in the English language. It has over 2.9 million users. Wikipedia ranks as the top online encyclopedia for many browsers. However, the site has little content about the natives. According to the 2015 research, it was found that local users of Wikipedia, especially those in high-income countries, hardly take on projects that involve their own culture or country. The University of Oxford conducted the research. Wikipedia’s policies for one to contribute to its articles are strict. This situation hinders people from undertaking successful edits. One is required to observe keenly the writing policies of Wikipedia. To this end, Wikipedia is inviting its enthusiasts to attend the Indigenous People’s Day edit-a-thon event where they will embark on fleshing out articles that cover the Native Americans. In the past, this tactic was successfully used to promote coverage of women content and increase their contributions. This information was originally reported on Smithsonian Mag as explained in this link
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Mike Baur: Banker Turned Investor

Mike Baur is a Swiss banker, businessman, and investor. He is the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. He then went on to get a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester.


Mike was a banker and worked for some top banks such as Clariden Leu and UBS before becoming an investor. He was mainly involved with the wealth management department at UBS. Mike worked in various roles at the company in this department. He left the field to become an investor in startups. Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


The company is located in Zurich. It is a startup accelerator that incubates startups for three months. The Swiss Startup Factory provides other services for startups other than the financial investment. The startups have access to co-working spaces where founders can work and network instead of looking for an office.


Mike became a deputy managing director at CTI Invest when the Swiss Startup Factory went into a partnership with the CTI group. He acquired the role because of his stellar work at the factory. The company has partnered with other firms for past programs such as the Fintech Fusion and Goldbach. The accelerator has advocated for better laws that foster a favorable environment for the startups to exist.


Swiss Startup Invest aims to be the leading startup investor in Switzerland. It invests in both early and late stage startups that work together with the founders to grow the startups to maturity. It also collaborates with industry partners to look at ways that they can partner with the startups to help each other. The company arranges events for startups that seek to help them learn and network with other startups and potential clients.


Mike has been a speaker at some major events. He was a speaker at the World Wide Forum. Mike has also served as a judge at various startup contests such as START summiteer which was held at a university in Switzerland. Mike has also worked for the Innovation Lab Fribourg as Vice President. He was also the owner of Think Reloaded AG. Mike Baur has been influential in the development of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. His efforts have made it easier for more people to start up startups and grow them into successful companies.

Handy From Lows To Soaring Profit

Oisin Hanrahan is the CEO of Handy and Umang Dua is the co-founder. The idea of Handy occurred when Oisin and Umang were attending Harvard Business School as roommates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They felt there was a need for an on-demand service for cleaning and that it was an unexplored territory for profit.

During Handy’s first 2 years changes happened. Dozen of workers had been hired. Chatbots were used for customer service purposes. However, Oisin and Umang continued to experience unprofitable circumstances with the company.

Handy was on the road for possible transformation. The major transformation had to do with the systematic way that would hire cleaners for the company. During this time Oisin wanted to steer away from the online process of bringing forth possible cleaners. Umang during this time was hesitant about Handy undergoing a major change in general.

January 2015 Oisin and Umang decided to put forth a test run for a new system in Washington, D.C and Miami. By November 2015 Handy had achieved $50 million funding. The achieved capital had given these two gentlemen some relief. Following the achieved capital Oisin and Umang had to determine how they would proceed with being profitable. Handy proceeded with an online strategy for onboarding that would be throughout all of Handy’s markets. Shortly after Handy had experienced some ups and downs. This had provided a new perspective on managing the company.

Recently, Handy is beginning to look more profitable with each quarter that passes. All of the company’s cities margins are positive. Handy’s margins have jumped from 7% to 20%. The company has a growth revenue of more than 50%. Handy has reached $1 million bookings.

In conclusion, minimizing the amount of market expansion and taking control of optimization has helped Handy become a more profitable company.




Doe Deere Head Of Lime Crime Helps Company Become A Brand

The cosmetics manufacturer, Lime Crime, has established itself as a success story of the Internet. It debuted on eBay and thanks to the design sense of its founder, Doe Deere; it helped to create a new trend for women. The principal of the business is a lovely, transplanted Russian counter-culturalist who wished to change the staid rules concerning makeup. Deere fully believes that the standard idea of beauty is all wrong.

What Deere and her adherents, called unicorns, desire is to stand out and apart from the crowd. Deere, herself, is very noticeable with her chiffon blue hair and intense eye makeup combined with an equally powerful lipstick. During the early stages of Lime Crime’s business development, Doe Deere served as the company model and she was awe-inspiring.

A porcelain blemish-free face combined with a sense of innocence projecting from her eyes. This sense of innocent demeanor and propriety has helped to create this angelic, child-like, fantasy personality for Deere, who has called herself, the Queen of the Unicorns. This was in strong contrast to her somewhat risque pose on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Lime Crime now happily settles into the stage of business life where all the hype and hoopla is dying down, and advertising and packaging will play the most important part in the company’s future development.

According to DollSkill, The hardest work for Lime Crime is over thanks to the efforts of Doe Deere. Now success can be combined with future achievements for Deere and company. A book depicting the travails of her struggles to create this brand and any insight into this dynamic woman would be worth the read.

She is another example of a woman catapulting a company into the spotlight and giving consumers what they want. This time the product offers a pure expression of personality in a lipstick or eye treatment. Deere has helped to change fashion and style and given personal physical expression a new palette of colors.

Lori Senecal’s Flourishing Career

Lori Senecal is a successful marketer based in the U.S. She has worked in this industry for more than a decade and has made huge accomplishments during this time. She currently works as the Global CEO of CP+B and has held this position since 2015. She is also the president and CEO of MDC Partners. Senecal holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, marketing and finance from McGill University.

Career Milestones

In her current position at MDC, she is responsible for setting business strategies and ensuring that they are implemented by those who work under her. Before taking up her position at MDC, Lori Senecal worked as Global Executive Chairman of KBS. KBS grew exponentially under her excellent leadership and was on the 2015 list of Crain’s best places to work in New York. Lori worked at McCann Erickson, where she held various leadership positions, before joining KBS. Her hard work and excellent leadership qualities have not gone unrecognized. She won a Quantum Leap award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards in 2013. She was also named one of the 2014 Ad Age’s Women to Watch.

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Interview with Laura Dunn

In an interview with Laura Dunn of The Huffington Post in March 2015, Lori Senecal talked of how her life experiences have shaped her into the person that she is today. Being the youngest of 4 children, she had to work extra hard to match up to her older siblings’ talents and accomplishments. She learnt to be bold and different in order to stand out in everything she did. She is a strong believer in embedding the right values into the culture of an organization to drive positive change. This is one of her biggest secrets to success. The most important lesson she has learnt over the years is to know one’s strengths and use them to create one’s own career and leadership opportunities.

Bottom Line

Lori is passionate about her job and this is evident in her accomplishments. She is disciplined and goal-oriented and believes nothing should hold anyone back from achieving their dreams. She loves to mentor young women who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing and those who work under her. Despite her busy work schedule, Lori Senecal is a fitness enthusiast and always makes time for a workout. She also enjoys eating healthy meals. Lori advises women not to shy away from opportunities for fear of not being good enough. She struggled with shyness and says her key to overcoming the problem was constant preparation.

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Kabbalah International Centre For Kabbalistic Teachings That Supplement Religion And Shed A Light In The Universal spiritual systems

Kabbalah Centre is an international non-profit organisation, based in Los Angeles, California. The organisation is devoted to teaching courses on kabbalistic wisdom and Zohar teachings using online platforms, study groups, and regional centres. It is the largest organisation in the world that devotes itself to passing on the kabbalistic wisdom, and teachings. Its main aim is to give people the wisdom needed to help improve lives and avoid quarrels in the world. Kabbalah Centre offers a wide variety of platforms from which the wisdom is passed so as to suit everyone interested in learning, regardless of their physical location, or schedules. The platforms include physical locations, online tutorials and lectures, downloads, CDs and DVDs and books.
Kabbalah Centre was founded in the year 1922, by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, in Jerusalem. After Rev Yehuda Ashlug died, he passed on the leadership Burton to his student, Rav Yehuda Brandwein. Rav Brandweinn later passed on in 1969, and the leadership responsibility was passed on to Kabbalist Rav Philip Berg, who still serves as the current Director of the Kabbalah Centre. The teachings contained in the Kabbalah Centre consist of Zohar, the sacred text with kabbalistic wisdom, and the combined writings of the world’s greatest kabbalist. The Zohar sacred texts explain the correlation between the mysteries and universal systems, as described in the Bible (Torah).

The Kabbalah Centre also provides a conducive and social environment for its students to grow spiritually, and to create long-lasting relationships with like-minded people. However, Kabbalah Centre does not present itself as an alternative to religion, but as a supplement to it. The Centre views the numerous religions in the world not as just cultural beliefs, but as universal systems of wisdom. The Zohar sacred scripts are a revelation of the interconnection that human beings have with a supreme being. The kabbalah Centre also teaches on the relevance of being concerned about our relationship with the essence of God and not God himself, since He is supreme and cannot be comprehended. The teachings of the kabbalistic concept called Klipot gives the idea that human beings are all connected to one upper metaphysical-spiritual world, but they are blocked by klippot.

Wendy Maitland Suit with Town Gets Settled

After litigating for four months, Town Residential and Wendy Maitland have reached a settlement. Maitland used to work for Town residential in the past and had leveled some allegations against Joseph Sitt, a former co-owner of Town. She was also claiming that she should have been allowed to go out of her agreement not to compete with Town as she depended on brokerage to feed ad support her family.



The complete settlement terms were not fully disclosed but she will continue working at Brown Harris Stevens (BHS) as the resale and new developments broker. Andrew Heiberger, the founder and CEO of Town Residential, clarified that no money had changed hands in the course of coming up with the settlement agreement. He added that since the matter had reached its conclusion, it is now possible for the firm to focus on its continued success and the fall season that is exciting. On the other hand Maitland also expressed her relief on the conclusion of the matter and wished the firm well in its future endeavors. She will now focus on developing her new career chapter. Heiberger gained full control of Town Residential after buying the 50% stake that was owned by the company.



About Town Residential



Town Residential is a top-ranking Manhattan real estate firm that specializes in luxury residential leasing, sales and marketing as well as leasing and sales of new development projects. Town employs a kind of approach that is remarkably simple but all-encompassing. It dedicates equal resources and value to new development rentals, marketing and sales as it strives to become the leader in all these three areas. The firm recognizes the common thread that makes up all types of real estate transactions whereby clients have the same set of needs. These are transparency in information dispensation, excellent customer service, professional guidance and neighborhood expertise. Town usually embraces such needs and works hard to take care of them on various business levels.



Town residential, a brokerage firm in real estate, was founded back in 2010 by its co-chairman and chief executive, Andrew Heiberger. Initially, Joseph Sitt, used to be an equity partner at Town Residential. Sitt owns the Thor Equities, a landlord and development firm in the real estate industry. Heiberger used to be the chairman of the firm while Joseph Sitt was the co-chairman. However, this situation changed in July when Heiberger bought out Sitt by acquiring the 50% stake that he had in the company.



Heiberger had in the past founded Citi Habitats, a brokerage firm that focused initially on rentals that he sold them to NRT. Town Residential was mentioned by Crain to be among the Top 50 Best Places that you can work in while in the New York City. Earlier in 2013, Town acquired Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage that focuses on sales in the Meat packing District and West Village. Town is striving to become one of the integral part of the real estate landscape in New York. The members who founded the firm were leaders who formed a great close-knit leaders who have a wealthy experience in luxury sales, new developing rentals and marketing.


Remove Negative Reviews And Build A Good Reputation Online

Do you know what people see when they search your name or company online? Want to find out how to maintain a good online reputation for your company? Set up a system for effective online reputation management and you will be able to address issues appropriately and promptly.
The rise of the internet and advanced technology have brought a lot of good things. But there are also things that are not so beneficial. Now your good name or company profile can get ruined by people you don’t even know or can’t identify. It doesn’t matter whether the remarks are true or not, these derogatory search results can devastate your online reputation.

Did you know that your company reputation plays a tremendous part in determining whether or not you will operate your business successfully? These days, almost every transaction starts online and if someone sees harmful content or derogatory reviews about you or your organization on the internet, then you surely have a greater chance of losing that opportunity, and many others.

Because your online image has a huge impact on how you are perceived or whether people patronize your business or not, it is imperative that you establish a good online reputation. If a company does not have a positive reputation online, they will find it tough operating profitably.

The keys to good online reputation management are planning, careful monitoring of your social media sites and expert use of search engine optimization. That’s where online reputation management experts can help you.

Professional reputation management firms use effective strategies to enhance their clients’ credibility and reputation by removing or pushing down misleading or negative reviews to pages where virtually no one will ever see them. These professionals have expertise in social media monitoring systems, so they can collect and analyze their clients’ data.

Their online monitoring and insights tools are designed to help their clients track online conversations, and respond appropriately. Reputation management professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of online reputation management and can guide you in building a great image and establish credibility.


Fabletics and Kate Hudson; A More Relatible Workout

Marketing a company can be a daunting and sometimes tedious task, but this was not the case for Kate Hudson and her active wear line Fabletics. Fabletics recently released a collection of new advertisements to try and stir up interest in their sportswear, and its working. From taking lighthearted stabs at their competitors to giving people a background look into Kate Hudson’s life, Fabletics managed to make their brand appear fresh, young and spirited.

Co-founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a lifestyle subscription service that will deliver a fashionable workout outfit directly to their subscribers monthly for just under $50. These fashion forward outfits are often bright in color and pattern and help the industry of women’s sportswear become trendier. Each outfit is personalized and stylized according to the subscriber’s preferences on The launch of their subscription service was so successful that the company recently expanded into stores, which are features in malls across the county.

Fabletics had to match their popularity with a catchy advertising campaign. The first of these new commercial spots features co-found Kate Hudson giving potential customers an inside look into her actual day to day life. With the use of her personal iPhone to film the footage, the commercial reads more like a moving scrapbook. The approachable and sometimes quirky scenes pay homage to social media platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat. This was a groundbreaking and fresh approach to such a basic idea.

Fabletics also took on some of their more serious competitors with this series of commercials. One is shot in classic black and white while a hard working Kate Hudson sweats herself through a serious workout. In the end we find that Kate Hudson can’t actually take herself that seriously, playfully suggesting that people need to lighten up. In another commercial on Twitter we see her taking on the yoga gear giant Lulumoon and their past issues with low quality material. Using blurred out “swear” words to give themselves a humorous edge that totally works. Even though the joke may be off the cuff the message is clear; Fabletics has gear that is high quality and approachable.

What Fabletics has managed to do with this commercial series is successfully brand them as a stylized and lighthearted contender in the active wear market. The use of groundbreaking filming styles and inside jokes makes their brand far more relatable than their competitors and that’s exactly what they were going for. Fabletics can be summed up as young, fresh, innovative and laid back. In a market where everyone takes themselves a little too seriously, this is a welcomed change.

How to Reduce Stress That Comes with Planning an Event

Hosting a party of event could be a great way to celebrate a special event or bring an organization closer together. While planning an event or large party should be a fun event, organizers can often find that they end up getting quite stressed out leading up to the event. While it can be a stressful time, there are a variety of tips that can be followed to help reduce the stress that comes along with planning a party.

One tip is to get organized as early as possible. Those that are planning a party should spend a good amount of time thinking about all the tasks that need to be completed, in what order, and what needs to be done to complete each task. This should be done as far out as possible before the event date.

Those that are planning an event should consider coming up with a theme for the event. Planning all aspects of the event, including food, entertainment, location, and decoration, can be difficult. It is even more difficult if you do not have a clear and concrete theme for the party. Once a theme has been picked, it will be easier for you to start to work on the specifics.

The third item that can help to make the event less stressful is to offer the event as self-serve as possible. Many event planners now choose to hire self-serve bars and catering services. This will help to reduce the amount of staff that you need, can reduce the cost, and will make the night more convenient for you and all guests.

To reduce your stress you should also consider hiring an event planner. For those looking for an event planner in NYC, Twenty Three Layers could be a great option. Twenty-Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC that provides a variety of different services to ensure that your event goes as well as possible. They can help with all aspects of the event including planning, inviting, organizing, and managing the event the night it is scheduled to take place.