Alexandre Gama, The Copywriter

Who would have known that this whole road less traveled writing career can actually take you places. Shame on anyone who shamed you for pursuing such a creative passion. The passion to be able to piece words together to teach the masses. Alexandre Gama did just this.

A true inspiration, a former copywriter, turned CEO of his own advertising firm, Neogama. Alexandre Gama is one of the most awarded and recognized copywriters of his generation. He makes you believe that you can go far by being the creative type.

With an entrepreneurial vision for himself, his company, created in June 1999, was the biggest growing agency in the country for three years straight. Neogama provides advertising services, based out of Brazil.

Alexandre Gama created a powerhouse from a career that many are choosing today. He took what he knew and projected it into an amazing advertisement firm. He has won all major awards for creativity and excellence. Just in 2007 he was awarded Entrepreneur and Director of Industry of the year by Cabore’. Also awarded as Creative Professional of the year among many other recognitions, he is a true inspiration that you can go places.