Fabletics and Kate Hudson; A More Relatible Workout

Marketing a company can be a daunting and sometimes tedious task, but this was not the case for Kate Hudson and her active wear line Fabletics. Fabletics recently released a collection of new advertisements to try and stir up interest in their sportswear, and its working. From taking lighthearted stabs at their competitors to giving people a background look into Kate Hudson’s life, Fabletics managed to make their brand appear fresh, young and spirited.

Co-founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a lifestyle subscription service that will deliver a fashionable workout outfit directly to their subscribers monthly for just under $50. These fashion forward outfits are often bright in color and pattern and help the industry of women’s sportswear become trendier. Each outfit is personalized and stylized according to the subscriber’s preferences on fabletics.ca. The launch of their subscription service was so successful that the company recently expanded into stores, which are features in malls across the county.

Fabletics had to match their popularity with a catchy advertising campaign. The first of these new commercial spots features co-found Kate Hudson giving potential customers an inside look into her actual day to day life. With the use of her personal iPhone to film the footage, the commercial reads more like a moving scrapbook. The approachable and sometimes quirky scenes pay homage to social media platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat. This was a groundbreaking and fresh approach to such a basic idea.

Fabletics also took on some of their more serious competitors with this series of commercials. One is shot in classic black and white while a hard working Kate Hudson sweats herself through a serious workout. In the end we find that Kate Hudson can’t actually take herself that seriously, playfully suggesting that people need to lighten up. In another commercial on Twitter we see her taking on the yoga gear giant Lulumoon and their past issues with low quality material. Using blurred out “swear” words to give themselves a humorous edge that totally works. Even though the joke may be off the cuff the message is clear; Fabletics has gear that is high quality and approachable.

What Fabletics has managed to do with this commercial series is successfully brand them as a stylized and lighthearted contender in the active wear market. The use of groundbreaking filming styles and inside jokes makes their brand far more relatable than their competitors and that’s exactly what they were going for. Fabletics can be summed up as young, fresh, innovative and laid back. In a market where everyone takes themselves a little too seriously, this is a welcomed change.