The Success of Darius Fisher

The online reputation management industry has become an important industry to invest heavily in for any individual or for any business that continues to be or relies heavily on the opinion of the public. The online reputation management firm is invested in for reasons to not only keep a positive online reputation, but to also negate any negative content that could affect the individual or the business in the future. One online reputation management firm that has been exponentially growing over the past few years is a firm that is known as Status Labs, a firm that was officially co-founded by Darius Fisher. With his innovation, Darius Fisher has grown the company to now currently be a leader of the industry with motive to not only treat each customer as a client, but to also treat each client as a partner of the company. The goal of the client becomes the overall goal of Status Labs.
In recent news, Darius Fisher has been awarded for his excellence within the online reputation management industry through an award that was recently given to him that is known as the Business Development Individual of the year. This award is given specifically to those that show initiative and that show their excellent marketing skills and their digital tools that create the best solutions for the customer. Darius Fisher, as the leader of this company, is constantly looking for better ways to improve the company and to improve the solutions that are provided that gives the customers more than what they asked for.

What makes Darius Fisher stand apart from other individuals is his leadership skills that relies heavily on trust and well as encouragement that makes any employee that works under him feel as though they are truly contributing towards something better. Darius Fisher is a hands on leader and works hard to ensure that trust is emphasized within his office space. Darius Fisher believes that without trust, creative solutions that his clients love would not be possible and that the exponential growth that his company has experienced overtime would also not be possible.


Creating Layered Looks With Wen by Chaz

For decades, the layered hair look has captivated American women and women abroad. The look entails the hair being cut in different lengths from the top of the hair to the bottom of the hair. Generally when the hair is cut into layers, the hair is cut shortest towards the crown of the head and becomes longer and longer as the hair progress toward the nape of the neck. The hair cut produces hair that appears to be flowing and healthy. This style is flattering on both long, short, and medium length hair. When attempting to attain a layered hairstyle, a few guidelines should be considered in order to keep the style fresh and the hair healthy.

Before an individual decides to get a layered hairstyle, a healthy hair regimen should be implemented using a quality hair care line like the Wen hair care line. This product line features products that are made with organic and pure ingredients and does not include harsh detergents, chemicals, or dyes. The Wen by Chaz hair care system will provide nourishment to the hair and properly prepare the hair for styling and hair cuts. By implementing the Wen by Chaz hair care products into a daily regimen, consumers can ensure that the layered cut will appear healthy and fresh. Wen hair products are sold on Total Beauty and on Sephora.

After including the Wen by Chaz hair care system for at least one month, the hair will be fully prepared to receive the layered cut. It is important that the consumer does not attempt to cut the layers themselves in the event that they are not professional styling agents. The layered hair cut is extremely intricate and requires the ability to fully view the back of the head that is being styled. In some cases, even professional hair stylists may want to visit a salon to have the hair cut into layers. This way, all accidents are avoided and the individual is left with a beautiful, healthy, and stylish haircut.

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Looks Like Adam Goldenberg Has Yet Another Success on His Hands with JustFab

Adam Goldenberg was once one of the rising stars in the social media sector thanks his time at MySpace, prior to its 2005 purchase by Newcorp, was a high point for the young man who everyone said had more potential than few had ever seen. With the buyout of the social media player by the parent company of FOX Goldenberg was just open of the many MySpacers who jumped ship and headed out into brae new worlds. Goldenberg decided to team up with fellow former MySpace executive Don Ressler to start one of the most exciting companies to arrive on the scene in a very long time, Intelligent Beauty a business incubator who has more than a few top rated ventures in the short time it has been around and along the way has generated over 500 million in revenue this year alone.

Goldenberg is more than just the pretty face behind intelligent beauty though, he is a corporate powerhouse who has been starting successful businesses since he was 15, beginning with the Gamer’s Alliance, a network which provided advertising services to gaming sites. He began the company in 1994 using money that he was gifted from his Bar Mitzvah. Originally what had started out as a bulletin board service was turned into the Gamer’s Alliance. He built upon his success and soon found himself working at Intermix Media, parent company of MySpace. He had been brought it at only 17 years old when Intermix acquired Gamer’s Alliance on YouTube. BY Nineteen he had been made COO and in doing so entered the history books as the youngest person to ever hold that position in a major corporation. In this position as COO he was integral in the sale of MySpace to NewsCorp.

Despite the success of Intelligent Beauty, Adam Goldenberg is not one to sit on his laurels and bask in accomplishments. Instead he and Ressler in 2010 used Intelligent beauties incubator model to launch a new venture of their own, JustFab, Inc. a newly established leader in the sector of subscription e-commerce currently serving over 35 million members around the globe. The company has also launched several subsidiaries in its five years of existence including FabKids, Fabletics with Kate Hudson, and most recently, ShoeDazzle. See:

Goldenberg has a long history of success and his current endeavors are looking to be no different. He is driven, smart, and cares about giving back to the customers he has the privilege to serve. He does this by providing a stable company to give the best value and the best service to those who are looking for products that meet their needs.