Igor Cornelsen Discusses Brexit Impact on Global Banking

It depends on whom you talk to – whether Brexit was a surprise or not. Experts have been reading the tea leaves and identifying various trends in global banking. Learn what Brazilian Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen thinks about the Brexit impact on global investments.

“Brazil & European Banks Hit Hard”

England is and is not part of continental Europe. It is nearby and shares a history, but has the English Channel providing a little physical separation. Likewise, its entire system is one straddling European Union affairs and Atlantic Ocean affairs.

On June 24, 2016, global markets started to punish British and European banking stocks, due to the uncertainty they created. Whether Brexit is good or bad is a bit of a moot point. Its effect has led to chaos with even some British banks – Barclays and RBS – having their stock trading suspended temporarily due to dramatic declines.

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Igor Cornelsen shares 5 valuable tips for investing in Brazil

“How is Brazil Banking?”

Brazil banking is a world apart for Europe. Surely, the country was founded by Europeans – Portugal – but the nation has followed its own independent path. In fact, when Napoleon was threatening Portugal, the royal family left the nation for Brazil.

Some modern investors may also be leaving the European banking sector and investing in Brazilian banks. Brazilian Bank Expert Igor Cornelsen explained the advantages of the country, during his CNBC interview. Besides its independence, Brazil also has important links to China.

The world will always needs solid financial institutions. In this global investment environment, you are not stuck with English or American banks. Igor Cornelsen can explain why Brazil is rising and many of these European systems may be falling, especially after Brexit. Brexit is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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