Igor Cornelsen Discusses Brexit Impact on Global Banking

It depends on whom you talk to – whether Brexit was a surprise or not. Experts have been reading the tea leaves and identifying various trends in global banking. Learn what Brazilian Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen thinks about the Brexit impact on global investments.

“Brazil & European Banks Hit Hard”

England is and is not part of continental Europe. It is nearby and shares a history, but has the English Channel providing a little physical separation. Likewise, its entire system is one straddling European Union affairs and Atlantic Ocean affairs.

On June 24, 2016, global markets started to punish British and European banking stocks, due to the uncertainty they created. Whether Brexit is good or bad is a bit of a moot point. Its effect has led to chaos with even some British banks – Barclays and RBS – having their stock trading suspended temporarily due to dramatic declines.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Igor Cornelsen shares 5 valuable tips for investing in Brazil

“How is Brazil Banking?”

Brazil banking is a world apart for Europe. Surely, the country was founded by Europeans – Portugal – but the nation has followed its own independent path. In fact, when Napoleon was threatening Portugal, the royal family left the nation for Brazil.

Some modern investors may also be leaving the European banking sector and investing in Brazilian banks. Brazilian Bank Expert Igor Cornelsen explained the advantages of the country, during his CNBC interview. Besides its independence, Brazil also has important links to China.

The world will always needs solid financial institutions. In this global investment environment, you are not stuck with English or American banks. Igor Cornelsen can explain why Brazil is rising and many of these European systems may be falling, especially after Brexit. Brexit is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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The Tasty Joys of Beneful Dog Food Products

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Coworking Spaces: Something Old Is Something New


Years ago, in Stamford, Connecticut, I was in an office share situation. It was wonderful, as I normally worked out of my home, and went to the shared office space on occasion to meet with clients. It did not have a transient feel to it, as it was decorated nicely, yet I was hardly ever there. Most of what we do in business is done over the phone, and now the internet. With the proliferation of wireless everything, our need to be in one place is waning. With medical needs growing, it is no wonder this is happening as much of the “office” real estate will likely be retooled for medical purposes. In Florida, there are strip malls that completely morphed into medical strip malls; this is the future.

From cars, to houses, to beds, to brothels, tents, clothes and ideas, the internet has connected us in ways we could have only dreamed of. Office sharing, however, is not new. Artists have often shared loft spaces in an effort to have a space in which to create, and on a very tight budget. Artists used these spaces to teach others as well, including an eclectic mix of professionals from varied industries. This took place during the 15th Century Renaissance in Italy.

The hallmark of this type of exchange, and sharing, was that it fostered an atmosphere of entrepreneurship. Whomever was at the center of this wheel of sharing ideas and art was referred to as a “Master.” This person might recognize talent, and mentor others, but they were never in a seat of judgment of the art being created. Ultimately these spaces were called workshops, and they were fertile ground for new ideas to garner interests from a larger audience.

There was much discussion in these workshops, and through talking about most everything, conflicts were worked-through, and subsequent collaborations did effectively merge the value of art with the practicality of science. An engineer might stand next to a doctor in a creative venture, which is quite the opposite of our corporate cultures of today.
There was a fabric of varied professionals coming together in Renaissance workshops, and they were trying some new things and even perhaps finding that those efforts would eventually lead to business opportunities. There is a lot to learn from the working model of these shops-of-creativity of 5 centuries ago, and mainly about how varied professionals sharing in a single mission could well create something great, or at least this possibility exists when collaboration is the hallmark of combined efforts.
Source: https://hbr.org/2016/04/the-innovative-coworking-spaces-of-15th-century-italy

Variety of Beneful Dog Food Choices Matches Any Taste

Dog food market is changing with new start-ups coming up with new ways of making the products. The old method of mixing lamb and salmon and organic grain free foods will soon be forgotten. These innovators in the fast-growing industry worth around $ 23.7 billion according to Amazon.com and are easily winning the hearts of pet owners with their quality products, well presented and marketed with catchy lines like “healthy chow as good as what you put on your dining-room table”.


To add to their range of varieties, Purinastore has bought Merrick Pet Care. Merrick was the first organic pet producer to get certification to make wet and dry dog food. With Merrick’s Backcountry line that includes Pacific catch and game bird, Purina will never run short of options.


Purina is the producer of Beneful, a highly successful dog food line. The wet and dry dog food lines are made with ingredients like vitamin-rich veggies and real meats. The food is made to bring out the best tastes to your pet and minerals to nourish your pet’s body. Beneful dog food gives your dog the energy and nutrition to lead a healthy and happy life.


The ‘Healthy Weight with real chicken’ is a Dry Dog food variety that helps a dog live healthily. It is made of real farm-raised chicken blended to perfection with whole grains and vegetable accents. The whole formulation limits calories to less than 10%.


Nestle Purina has also set up a website where pet owners customize unique blends. This ensures that you feed your dog what you exactly want. It also serves as an experiment center where all the customer’s innovative ideas are taken to book.


Kevin, Nestle Purina’s Technical Operations Manager, grew up on a farm hence has the unique perspective on the ingredients and processes that are employed in manufacturing high-quality dog food. He works in close collaboration with factories producing Beneful products and helps ensure the quality of the food. Nestle Purina has also invested in a Nutrition Research team that evaluates the safety and ingredients that make Beneful dog food.
Learn more, visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood.



Don’t expect a Coke and a smile in Venezuela

It is hard to give someone a Coke and a smile in Venezuela. The cola manufacturer halted its operations in the country. Economist Tom Standage discussed the issue with NPR Host Rachel Martin in a recent interview.
The Coca-Cola company does not fear the growing political unrest in the country, according to Corporation Wiki. It is simply not able to obtain sugar or even high fructose corn syrup at reasonable prices. Although the official exchange rate is 10 Bolivars for one dollar, Venezuelan black markets offer an exchange rate of 100 bolivars for one dollar. Sugar growers like Norka cannot sell their product profitably through the country’s official channels.

Standage blames the policies and the corruption of the Chavez administration for the poor exchange rate. Chavez believed that giving lots of money to the poor would ease their situation. The idea worked as long as oil prices remained high. When prices fell, inflation rose. Officials from former and current administrations continued to help themselves to the country’s funds as well.

During the interview, Standage referred to Coca-Cola as the closest thing to capitalism in a bottle. It is available in all but three countries currently. Coca-Cola is not sold in Cuba and North Korea because of trade embargoes. It is not sold in Venezuela because of the lack of access to sugar.