What There is to Know About Michael R. Zomber

Being one of the most passionate historians and collectors of antique arms, it should not come as a surprise that Michael Zomber has become a very well-know person. Having a huge amount of interest in the art of weaponary, Michael R. Zomber has a fascination of Japanese ancient samurai weapons and arms, and he also has in interest in the ones that are Islamic, American and European. A long time ago, a letter that was found to be written by George Washington stated that people have a great love of owning weapons. For centuries, uniquely designed weapons and armour have been bought and traded for big amounts of money, being recognized by many as great ways to represent the art of one’s self. The time periods that hold the most interest to Michael Zomber when it comes to weapons, also happen to be the time periods that a lot of great advancements that occurred in the timeline of weaponry and armour, the 16th and 19th century.

On the website that is personally run by Michael R. Zomber, he tries to put all of his efforts into many things, such as preserving the history of humans with the collections that he has, and also providing protection over the knowledge and samples that extend from one of our world’s most valued and wanted technological inventions around. Over the years, Michael R. Zomber has built an extensive and impressive collection for himself that took a lot of hard work to make, containing many Samurai swords and also many different types of weapons and armour. Each part of his collection, some of which you can see on Facebook, has a wonderfully unique history that is attached to it.

Even though he has a huge love for weapons, Michael is a very intelligent individual that has a lot love for life and believes in world peace. He is a huge supporter of many great and well-know peace organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and NGO plus many more. Having two children and a wife, he wants to keep the world safe. Having a B.A. in both Psychology and English Literature, Zomber is seen as a very intelligent individual.  Check out his books available on Amazon, to see another side of Michael’s passion.