The Strength of Igor Cornelsen and his Investment Tips

When I looked at a recent PR Newswire article I discovered that it would take as much a $1.8 million dollars for people that were born in 1990 and beyond to retire comfortable. For so long the magic number always seemed to be an even million, but now it has been reported that it will take more than a million due to inflation. I thought that this was rather disheartening. It make me wonder if I had enough in my retire plan to get me to where I wanted to go. I was worried that I wasn’t aggressive enough so I started looking at what Igor Cornelsen had to say about investing.

I thought that it was great to consider a reevaluation of my retirement plan while I was still young. Cornelsen advises people to start as early as possible. This is often going to be the best way for anyone to make a real progression quickly. Cornelsen has warned that those people that start late in life will have some meager returns, but the young investor that puts away money will certainly see more growth opportunities as a result of compounded interest.

According to Igor Cornelsen, there are some companies that have damaged stocks while there are other companies that are totally damaged. Cornelsen advises to invest in the first type while leaving the latter of the two alone. A damage company cannot come back from the brink of destruction, but a damaged stock can certainly bounce back. I didn’t even know that this was a thing to consider, but Igor Cornelsen has certainly made it a lot easier for people to make the most of their investment opportunities with this information.

That is what most people will find intriguing about this advice that he gives. He makes people consider those things that they would have never considered before. All of his financial nuggets of wisdom are valuable to so many people that have failed to get anything from the other financial gurus that have provided information on investing. Everyone learns differently. I know that there are other investors out there that are providing information, but Igor Cornelsen has been the most helpful as far as I am concerned. He has this mix of commonsense knowledge along with tips that are hidden in the financial world.

The work that lots of people put into investing may be futile if they lose everything with bad investment choices. Cornelsen has made sure that people know that it is best to invest in a lot of different stocks. It doesn’t make sense to minimize your profits with a few stocks that you are obsessed with. Investing should be diverse for better ROI.

George Soros Expanded Efforts In Opposing More Border Security

This time, round Soros has not funded a Democrat; he has gone on the other side to fund the Ohio governor in the Republican race against Donald Trump. Soros is a great respecter of an open society and in respect to that; he is working on all efforts to ensure they are respected especially on Trumps campaign against immigrants. His fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller donated to ‘New Day for America’ a super PAC group in support of John Kasich $488,375. Stanly and Scott have been major managers in the Soros Hedge Fund. Scott left the fund in 2015 while Stanley is managing $2billion for the hedge fund. Soros according to the published article in Bloomberg says that he wants to make explicit the principles of open society and mute the sirens of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
However, it’s still a wonder of how the conservative group will take Soros’ soft loan” donation as referred by the Federal Electoral Commission. Kasich is also receiving great support from the supporters of Rubio as a strategy to prevent more delegates from being pulled to the Trump’s side of thinking. Soros fund move is an extraordinary one as Kasich joins the Clinton group that has received $8 million since 2012. This, however, remains a wonder to many as to whether it could be some sinister.

Well maybe Soros is trying all he can to promote the respect of principles of an open society that Trump and Cruz are not. Soros has an Open Society Foundation, which he is the chairperson and he funds other foundations that are of respect to human rights and promoting the principles of democracy. His effort is to promote respect for all individual rights, ensure accountability of the government and ensure no one monopolizes the truth. Soros has been a great influence on both investments and politics. He has written essays and books to advise investors and also as warnings to any upcoming crises like 2008 one. George Soros happens to be independently wealthy, and he is aged 80 years.

He relocated to New York and pursued his studies there after the Holocaust in his home place Hungary. He won his first bet with the prediction of the lowering value of the British pound. George Soros hedge fund is listed among the top performing hedge fund in America and is recognized by Forbes in the top 400 wealthy Americans. Soros is also a liberal Democrat, who apart from Clinton and Kasich is funding a Latino super PAC and influencing other wealthy Democrats to donate $15 million to make immigrants support a Democrat in the current political campaign. Wealthy investors refer to him as bell weather among the Democrats, and he has continuously warned of the European Union collapsing especially when the Russian president passed a ban on Ukraine. Many investors respect his investment moves and advice; he also has received an honorary degree from Oxford University for his outstanding experience in the investment industry. Probably his donation is also his strategy in advocating for an open society.

Time For Lime Crime

If you’re serious about cultivating an aesthetic that builds your confidence in your appearance while simultaneously allowing you to feel like yourself, it’s time to turn to Lime Crime. Get a basic overview of this creative, cutting edge cosmetics company by reading the outline found below:

What Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a dynamic cosmetics company founded for the purpose of empowering individuals to cultivate a unique look rather than conforming to beauty trends and social regulations that dictate how the body should appear. Lime Crime is pleased to feature a wide range of products, including but not limited to eyeliner and lip gloss. The make-up line also features a wide range of colors.

One of the great benefits that customers will receive when they shop through Lime Crime is free shipping on orders that cost more than $50. Additionally, the company website features a contemporary blog through which you can obtain more information regarding beauty and fashion topics. It’s also important to know that Lime Crime is a cruelty-free make-up company, meaning that none of the products were tested on animals.

More About The Founder

Doe Deere is the CEO and owner of the Lime Crime make-up line. She was born in Russia and grew up in the States. She founded Lime Crime back in 2008 because she could not find cosmetics that matched the clothing items she was selling through Ebay. Then, in 2009, Deere launched the Unicorn Lipsticks line, thereby introducing a set of radical lip colors to the public. Deere’s biggest source of inspiration is Unicorns, and she always works with them in mind. In addition to running her own business, Deere encourages other aspiring women to pursue and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.  Doe also runs the Lime Crime Facebook which has a feed that constantly updates.

China Has Confirmed Its First Case Of The Zika Virus According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

Brazil was the first country to experience a Zika virus outbreak in 2015. Female Aedes aegypti mosquitos have been residents of Brazil for decades, and that pesky long-nosed bug has been giving Brazilians viruses like dengue and chikungunya for many years. When the first case of the Zika virus was reported in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in April 2015, doctors in the area were not familiar with what the virus does to humans, according to one of Brazil’s leading medical experts, Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes told online magazine that not much research was done on the Zika virus even though it has been around Africa for more than 68 years.

The virus according to the Noticias R7 article was first discovered in monkeys that lived in the Zika forest in Uganda. African researchers didn’t think the virus was dangerous. Africa is filled with disease carrying mosquitoes that cause life-threatening disease, and Zika didn’t appear to be one of those viruses that caused complications. But according to a post on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page, African researchers didn’t spend enough time connecting other diseases with the Zika virus.

But French researchers did, according to a post on Dr. Cortes Facebook page. The French have been studying the virus for four years, and they determined that Zika can cause Guillain-Barré syndrome in some infected people. Guillain-Barré syndrome is an autoimmune disorder. People with Guillain-Barré syndrome experience an immune system attack on their peripheral nervous system. That attack leads to temporary paralysis and in some cases death.

Dr. Cortes tweeted a report published by Clinical Microbiology and Infection in October 2014. The report said that it was shortsighted to think that researchers have seen all the complications that the Zika virus can cause because scientists have only been studying the Zika for about four years. And that is true. Dr. Sergio Cortes thinks Zika is another cause of microcephaly in newborns. More than 745 confirmed cases of microcephaly have been reported in the Northeastern region of Brazil in less than a year. That’s the same region where the Zika virus appeared. Normally there are less than 200 cases of microcephaly in the entire country a year.

China recently confirmed its first case of the Zika virus. The man returned from South America, according to the official Chinese news agency. Chinese health authorities say the risk of the mosquito-borne virus spreading in China are low because of the climate. But mosquito transmission is not the only way that Zika is spreading. More human to human transmissions are being reported in Brazil as well as in the United States. Scientist think sexual contact does spread the disease. That could be one of the reasons the virus is spreading so quickly.

Our Morning Routine


Every morning I take my two dogs Bruce and Buffy to the park for a short walk before I have to go to work for the day. When we get to the park I tie them to the bench so I can sit and enjoy my first coffee of the day while they eat their Purinastore Beneful treats I bring for them. Having this routine makes a great start for me and an even greater start for my dogs because their favorite thing in the world is anything Beneful. Honest to goodness, at home I have a closet full of Beneful dry food, wet food and tons of treats for Bruce and Buffy. They are seriously the luckiest dogs in town.

Months ago I tried switching up their routine and bringing a container of Freshpet for each of them to eat while on our walk. I wanted to try this brand because I read an article online on wikipedia about the founder, Richard Thompson and why he created Freshpet. He has said that he wanted to produce a product that allowed dogs to eat food that was just as tasty and healthy as what their owners were eating. I thought it was a brilliant idea for him to do this while using fresh meat and veggies. Mainly because I myself love the healthy lifestyle and my dogs enjoyed those few times were they got Freshpet for breakfast.

Although they loved their Freshpet mornings, I had to go back to bring Beneful treats because the pet store downtown was not selling enough to keep it in the store at that moment in time. Our town is so small that really not much of anything sells around here. Even though we had to go back to treats, we still enjoy our time together every morning. I think it is important for all owners to do something special like this with their dogs. It allows them to release some energy before they are inside for the next 6-8 hours that your at work for.


George Soros Recent Campaign Donations and Philanthropic Work


Politico is reporting in its website that billionaire philanthropist; George Soros donated $6 million to Priorities USA, a Super Pac supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The donation, which was made in December, now adds to his donations to Pro-Clinton support groups to $8 million in 2015. The total amount of money raised by Priorities USA Action in 2015 also went up to $41 million. The other major contributors to Clinton’s second presidential bid include Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl Saban, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler. Soros is seen as one of the few rich Democrats who are willing to part with 8 figure amounts during election period. It important to note that Soros 86; ranks as one of the richest people in the world.

During the 2004 elections, the Politico report indicates that Soros made a campaign donation of over $20 million supporting a bid to oust the then president George W. Bush. In 2012, he gave Priorities USA, $1 million dollars to support President Barrack Obama’s reelection. However, in a recent email report released by the US state Department, George Soros praised Hillary Clinton for giving him an open opportunity to discuss various policy matters, something Obama did not provide. The huge donation made by Soros to Priorities USA is one of many campaign donations, various Democratic Party leaning Super Pacs will push to attract in order to ward-off the anticipated $1 billion plus donations from conservative billionaires.

In 2015, the Hillary Clinton campaign raised $112 million, a CNN report indicates. On the republican side, Donald Trump raised over $12 million during the same period, even though his campaign professes that his campaign is a self funded. His GOP contenders such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are also seeing an increase in their campaign war chest. Outside his political inclinations, George Soros is a supporter of various philanthropic causes. He is the Founder and Chairman of Open Society, a network of organizations that operate in over 100 countries around the globe. The organizations promote democracy and the human rights tenets.

According to, it all started in 1979 when George Soros began giving scholarships to black South Africans. He later started supporting philanthropic causes in the US, Africa and Asia. Open Society also supports lawyers and paralegals presenting individuals held and detained unlawfully. One of the most profound ideas ever made by Soros was bringing Roma people in Europe into the mainstream. George Soros did this by offering education opportunities to Roma people, as well as marginalized young people and refugees in conflict areas. George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. He holds a bachelor’s and PhD in philosophy and is an accomplished writer.