Pogo Chooses Beneful Flavor Food

Cat food and dog food companies are changing the ingredient to give your pets a healthier food choice. According to the Bloomberg in the Daily Herald, pet food companies are looking to make dog food taste like people food. Companies like Blue Buffalo or Freshpet, it is impossible to compete in the pet food industry unless they begin producing fresher Healthier food choices for consumers. Mars Petcare is thinking inside the box. They are doing their homework and implementing their findings. Food off the farm is healthier and taste better. Why not include things that come from the farm in our pet food? The farm foods are healthier for pets because there are fewer preservatives in organic food productions. Including cranberries or blueberries in the ingredient is a genius. Check out the article and see some of the new combinations hitting the market. www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/ Pogo is a funny looking dog. He is part dachshund, part collie, and part rat terrier. The vet thinks this is most of the ingredients in Pogo. I went to the pound to see if they had any small dogs or puppies available for my small apartment. Pogo was a short, hairy, spotted dog with a long nose. He was so funny looking that we figured no one would adopt him, so I did. I paid the fees for Pogo and we began our life together. The Vet says Pogo is probably eight years old. He thinks Pogo needs a more gentle food because of his age. Otherwise, he thinks Pogo is nice and healthy. I went to the store and of course, I took Pogo in with me. The pet store carries a variety of pet foods and they even have a tasting counter. The dry foods are in containers so you can let your pet taste before purchase. This was a smart idea because too many people buy foods their pets will not eat. After tasting a couple of the older dog formulas, we came across the Beneful by Purina. Pogo loved Beneful. Pogo began wagging his little tail and I knew this was the formula for him. Pogo and I have become best friends. He is happy to have a warm bed and Beneful dog food every day.