How To Protect And Manage Your Online Reputation

Status Labs is an internationally recognized online reputation management firm, with a team of qualified and dedicated professionals.

Status Labs has added a new member, Mike Paul, on their advisory board. Mr Paul is president of Reputation Doctor, and is regarded as one of the leaders in crisis PR issues. Status Labs states that Mike Paul will provide strategic insight and advice to Status Labs to ensure that the company continues its growth in the crisis management and public relations industry.

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, feels that having Mike Paul on Status Labs’ advisory board is a wise decision and will help the company to continue to prosper.

These days, the first thing anybody does when they want to find out about your company is to search for it online. The first page of search engine results is crucial in presenting your reputation to a potential client or customer. Showing up with negative reviews and comments involving your company or your personal profile, can be damaging.

These reviews and comments can come from anywhere, and your company can lose potential clients because of these derogatory posts. You simply cannot afford to ignore your online reputation. That’s where Status Labs comes in – to ensure that only favorable information shows up.

Status Labs uses a unique approach to ensure your online reputation is positive and beneficial to your business. Their professionals start by applying social media techniques and search engine optimization to boost your online reputation. Next, they utilize several effective techniques to address your customers and clients and resolve their issues.

Public Relations is definitely an ongoing process for as long as you plan to be in business. In order to maintain a favorable online reputation, it is imperative to minimize the number of negative results that show up.

You can learn more about the various services offered by Status Labs, and how these services can tremendously enhance your positive image. Visit Status Labs on their website, and use their contact form to get in touch with them. Alternatively, give them a call for a free consultation.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Facing Criticism For Her Book


North Korean defector and human rights fighter Yeonmi Park is facing growing criticism from both her former country and critics outside. Yeonmi Park’s autobiography on Amazon titled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is a recount of her life in North Korea, her eventual escape, hiding in China and the risky journey to Mongolia, and her arrival in South Korea by plane.

Park’s autobiography describes in sometimes gruesome detail on what it is like to grow up in North Korea. Much of her childhood was spent during one of the worst famines in the country’s history. Park describes that bodies were piled on the streets of the cities, and people were so desperate for food in North Korea, that they would resort to eating flowers, small mammals like mice and plants. People were begging and desperate for food Park recalls. Her family was one of the lucky ones and was considered well off, so they had some food, but even for well off families with good government jobs life was still a struggle and bleak for most of the time.

Yeonmi Park also describes the police state in North Korea, where everything is tightly controlled. The schools teach young kids to worship the supreme leader of North Korea and drill kids into their heads that he is immortal, all knowing, almost like a god. Yeonmi describes that she thought that supreme leader Kim Jong-un could read her mind and would find her. That is how powerful the propaganda and police state is in North Korea. It makes people not only afraid of the government and speak out, but it makes the supreme leader into a mythical god like figure that people worship daily.

Park’s critics have pointed out to the fact that there are some errors in her book, and some information is not exactly accurate. She has responded to these critics by pointing out that she had changed the names of people in her autobiography so that they would not face punishment at the hands of North Korea’s government. She also admits that she omitted some information and out of shame and embarrassment, and has since come clean about her ommissions. A poor grasping of the English language also led to some errors she admits. For more info on Yeonmi Park’s book and her reply to criticisms check out this article on



George Soros Prediction On The EU Collapse

Gregor Schmitz Peter at the moment the chancellor of German was put on the verge of the very cover of the magazine and was then refereed as the very chancellor that advocates for a free world. The question is if you think this action was very justified.

George Soros on the other hand as it is well known to you, has been very obstetritical on New York Book Review to the chancellor as it has been well known to you and is even to the present times has been very critical to the obstericity of the chancellor as well as his policy as well. After the attack of the Russian federation on the member state of Europe called Ukraine, she therefore became the European Union leader henceforth and that was what was called the free world indirectly. Before the occurrence of the act, she remained to be the most gifted politician that the entire European governance has ever had in the past.

She has ever been on the side of the Russian federation and this is said to be true because he has never had any action taken against the invasion of the Russian federation as well. She has ever had the public to support her in every aspect of her politics because she had the gift from the public to lead them. She could read the sombre mood that was on the faces of the public people and do anything in her power to cater for it as well. She has one become the leader that has his neck strangled and struck right on her neck because she resisted the Russian aggression to Ukraine in opposing the opinions that were prevailing at that very moment and point in time.

She has perhaps been on the forefront as one of the European leaders in advocating for justice and also the well being of the people as well in the long run. She was the only single leader that is left in the European union that recognized that the European union is in the verge of collapsing due the crisis that affected in which was the migration crisis. The crisis is yet in a far away process to reach its realization in terms of being solved by the European leaders and their strategies that they have put in place to have it mitigated or destroyed forever and rest the case. In the most unfortunate news, they never prepared the planm in the most opportune moment because they failed on their part as the leaders in formulating the best way to deal with these crises and which one would have been the ones that be given the greater priority. The entire union is under an attack.

Eucatex Conserves The Environment Irrespective Of Using Eucalyptus As A Raw Material

Environmental conservation is the basis of Eucatex operation model. The Brazilian company is famous for manufacturing its products using the Eucalyptus tree. Quality leadership and sound policies have led to the growth of the firm, which has been in existence for a long period. Products made by Eucatex are a favorite across countries and continents. Their observance and desire to conserve the environment has added to their popularity. Many people have become aware of the effects of deforestation. However, the company has been quite involved in planting of trees and ensuring that the forest cover is not lost.

Eucatex deals with the production of ceiling panels, hardboard, paints, tiles and soft boards. Their superior products have made them the most sought after firm in the construction industry. Eucatex replenish their source of raw material constantly. The company has a large tract of land where they grow eucalyptus trees for all their consumption needs.

The firm has an array of products categories that they offer to their esteemed clients. These categories include wood, mineral and metal divisions. Clients prefer Eucatex products because they know that forests are not damaged in the quest of manufacturing. Another reason why the firm is preferred is because it has high quality products. In addition, these products can be accessed in any continent. Eucatex is different from other firms owing to their day-to-day operations module. With the quality of products and the excellent customer care, Eucatex expects to continue its global growth, which is expected to create room for expansion and creation of innovative products.

Eucatex has enjoyed prudent management because of its exemplary leadership and commitment to helping new entrepreneurs. Flavio Maluf is the current president of the firm. Over the years, he has been highly praised for his pivotal role at Eucatex. Flavio deals with the day-to-day operations of the company and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. On Twitter it’s clear that Flavio is dedicated to environment conservation. To this end, he has been instrumental in drafting policies geared towards ensuring that the environment is conserved. Maluf has a vast experience in marketing. His management capabilities have also helped the firm develop consumer-oriented products besides penetrating different markets around the globe. He is considered an asset to the firm. Flavio fosters team spirit by working closely with other employees of the firm.

Facebook exposes that Maluf has outside interests and education is one of them. He is an advocate of educational matters. He has expressed his views about improving the quality of education by the use of technology. Instead of using gadgets for entertainment and leisure purposes, Flavio believes that integrating learning software in the electronic gadgets will boost the quality of education as students can access education anywhere. Public school teachers have started embracing the use of internet in school curriculum and this development has led to improved learning.

Pogo Chooses Beneful Flavor Food

Cat food and dog food companies are changing the ingredient to give your pets a healthier food choice. According to the Bloomberg in the Daily Herald, pet food companies are looking to make dog food taste like people food. Companies like Blue Buffalo or Freshpet, it is impossible to compete in the pet food industry unless they begin producing fresher Healthier food choices for consumers. Mars Petcare is thinking inside the box. They are doing their homework and implementing their findings. Food off the farm is healthier and taste better. Why not include things that come from the farm in our pet food? The farm foods are healthier for pets because there are fewer preservatives in organic food productions. Including cranberries or blueberries in the ingredient is a genius. Check out the article and see some of the new combinations hitting the market. Pogo is a funny looking dog. He is part dachshund, part collie, and part rat terrier. The vet thinks this is most of the ingredients in Pogo. I went to the pound to see if they had any small dogs or puppies available for my small apartment. Pogo was a short, hairy, spotted dog with a long nose. He was so funny looking that we figured no one would adopt him, so I did. I paid the fees for Pogo and we began our life together. The Vet says Pogo is probably eight years old. He thinks Pogo needs a more gentle food because of his age. Otherwise, he thinks Pogo is nice and healthy. I went to the store and of course, I took Pogo in with me. The pet store carries a variety of pet foods and they even have a tasting counter. The dry foods are in containers so you can let your pet taste before purchase. This was a smart idea because too many people buy foods their pets will not eat. After tasting a couple of the older dog formulas, we came across the Beneful by Purina. Pogo loved Beneful. Pogo began wagging his little tail and I knew this was the formula for him. Pogo and I have become best friends. He is happy to have a warm bed and Beneful dog food every day.