Lego Presents New Toy Action Figure With a Disability

The millions of children who have disabilities in America now have a chance to play with a toy that looks just like them. The Lego company has recently released a new tiny wheelchair bound action figure to include in their packages of connecting blocks thanks to some people who started a petition group called “Toy Like Me”.

We saw Jon Urbana share these at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and the 9 and 10 year olds amongst the campers absolutely loved these. But so did Urbana’s 15-year-olds. Needless to say, we liked them too.

The Lego action figure has a support dog at its side and wears a cool outfit and hat that kids love. After the group received over 20,000 signatures on the petition for Lego to make action figures with disabilities, Lego started paying attention.

Lego has been making the same style of blocks and action figures for many years, and the Toy Like Me petition said that the company needed to diversify the look of their action figures to also include some that were disabled. The results of their efforts paid off, and now kids in wheelchairs all over the world will feel a little less alone when they play with a toy that looks just like them.

The Life of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a young Korean activist who was born and raised in North Korea. Her family lived under the brutal dictatorship of King Jong-il. The conditions were so bad for them that is 2007 they had to flee North Korea into China. Getting out of North Korea was no easy matter for the Park family. Yeonmi’s father was sentenced to hard labor after being implemented by the government for illegal trade within the country. When he returned home from the prison camp he urged his family to leave the country. When the family was ready to leave for China, they discovered that their oldest daughter had left for that country without them. Apparently she had told them she was going somewhere else but had already made plans to defect to the Chinese nation. So Yeonmi Park, her father and mother had to make the trip without her. Park’s family had journeyed to China by crossing the southern border of North Korea into that country. They escorted along the way by human traffickers in the area who specialized in smuggling North Koreans into China. Yeonmi said that her mother raped during this time though she tries to block out the memories. Once the families make it into China they looked for the oldest daughter. They settled into the Jilin Province to begin their search but they kept coming up empty. Eventually they turned back to the traffickers for help. This time around they were introduced to a group Christian missionaries that helped the family to escape into Mongolia and then into South Korea. Once Yeonmi and her mother made it to South Korea they were safe. However, Yeonmi’s father had died in the early stages of the journey. Yeomi and her mother did not find her lost sister until 2014 when she was finally located by authorities. After the events that she had endured to gain her freedom, Park became a human rights activist and told the world her story on casey&yeonmi about life in North Korea. She currently works as an activist to help North Korean refugees and defectors and she speaks out against human trafficking as well.

New York Real Estate Soars In 2015

New York real estate sales have broken records across the board this past year. Luxury sales in both Manhattan and Brooklyn have surpassed their previous highest prices, with a penthouse at One57 becoming 2015’s most expensive purchase at over $100 million. At least five other One57 apartments joined the penthouse on the list of the year’s biggest sales, all selling for over $45 million. Other top purchases include a $77.5 million coop at 834 Fifth Avenue and a $37 million townhouse at 125-127 East 70th Street.

Brooklyn broke its own record as well, though prices in the trendy borough still did not come close to Manhattan numbers. Nevertheless, the sale of a $15.5 million townhouse in Cobble Hill is a good indicator of the financial health of the real estate market in the area. It is likely that in the next year or two sales topping $20 million will occur in New York City’s second most expensive borough.

Town Residential is one of the luxury real estate services firms leading the way in these record breaking sales. Though only six years old, the company has already made a name for itself in the competitive New York real estate market. With a focus on Manhattan, it helps clients looking to both sell and to rent luxury homes. For part time residents or clients looking to invest, elegant time share apartments can also be purchased. The other boroughs are represented as well, and even clients looking for out of state vacation homes can turn to Town Residential for assistance.

While it is currently listing several properties at above $20 million, there are also multiple apartments under the one million dollar price tag available through Town Residential. These include pre-war studios and airy lofts, as well as larger one and two bedroom apartments. Multi-unit townhouses with retail space are also currently for sale, and will likely make 2016’s list of top luxury sales.

With sale prices continuing to grow and new units entering the market, 2016 should be as record breaking as 2015. As townhouse inventory in Manhattan becomes more exclusive, market analysts are forecasting a shift to Brooklyn for clients looking for larger units. However, for the ultra-luxury clients who can afford to spend seven or eight figures, Manhattan is still the most sought after market.

The Secrets of His Success

For any great businessperson to succeed, it takes a number of personality traits to create something special. That has been the case with Brad Reifler, who for the past 30 years has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors the world of business and finance have ever seen, and CrunchBase is proof of that. Using his unique combination of hard work, determination, and willingness to search out and try new ideas time and time again, Brad has managed to start one successful company after another. Whether as a young man or seasoned business pro, Brad has always brought the same mindset of success to any project with which he has been involved.

Currently creating another success story as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad utilizes his vast business knowledge and uncanny ability to spot future trends far before they become mainstream to keep FCM at the top of the business world. Working with a variety of clients on a daily basis, Brad has always been able to help his clients succeed while also consulting with some of the most influential business leaders in the world. On one occasion it may be a meeting with a Nobel Prize-winning economist or business professor, while another day it may a consultation with board members from Wall Street companies or even political leaders from the United States or abroad. In these meetings, Brad not only listens intently in order to learn something new, but also offers guidance and recommendations that often result in other companies achieving success. Thanks to a long-held belief that it makes good business sense to help others, even a man’s most direct competitor, Brad has become known worldwide for his generosity as well as his exceptional business sense.

Whether it was establishing his first company, Reifler Trading Company, or serving as the CEO of Forefront, Brad has always realized that those who think outside the box are going to lead the way toward success not only for themselves, but for countless others as well. In his view, when the will to succeed is able to overcome the fear of failing, a person cannot help but find success. In fact, he has proven this over and over again with his ventures. Now considered a seasoned professional who can succeed at anything he puts his mind to doing, Brad feels as if it’s time to let others in on his secrets to success. An excellent example for generations to come, Brad demonstrates each day that his secrets to success are not complicated. In fact, they are rather easy to duplicate. However, as Brad can attest on Twitter, success starts with one small step and can progress rapidly. That is, if the right person is determined to succeed.  Now that Forefront has opened up to the middle class, who knows where they’re going next.