The Facts on CCMP Capital and President Stephen Murray

Being a world-wide firm that deals with private equity, CCMP Capital is a company that has experts working all of the time with equity investments and buying out and growth all over North America and Europe. Along with their expert management team, CCMP Capital is able to blend their years of experience in the industry with their operating resources in order for them to have the ability to grow as a company and have operations running smoothly.

Most people do not realize that the CCMP in CCMP Capital actually means Chase Capital, Chemical Ventures, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners, the names of the companies that came before CCMP Capital. When the CCMP Capital firm first started out in the industry, in the month of August in 2006, it was built with the dream of being able to carry on with the investment strategies that had been proven to work and put to use thanks to the firm’s team of amazing professionals.

Around $12 billion dollars have passed through hands at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in terms of leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions ever since the day that they decided to open their doors for business. The year 2007 brought great joy to the CCMP Capital firm, when they were informed of their newest ranking to do with the world’s biggest private equity funds, they were told that they had ranked #17 in Linked In in this area. With offices located all around the world, including in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, it is easy to see how CCMP Capital is able to employee more than 50 people.

Stephen Murray

Known for his work as an investor of private equity and philanthropy, Stephen Murray is one of CCMP Capital’s most valued workers, he has definitely earned his position as the president and chief executive officer thanks to all of his hard work and expertise in the industry. Boston College is one of the colleges that Murray went to. He graduated from the Boston College in 1984, having earned a degree in economics. Then, in 1989, he was able to achieve a master’s degree in business administration with the Columbia Business School, making him a brilliant man who has earned his way to the top of the industry that he works well in.

Dog Food News Recap

Richard Thompson does it big again. He won’t just stop. Quality is what he dreams, eats and lives. Product quality is his mainstay. His small gourmet- food manufacturing line is the next big thing. His chunks are a recipe for fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and customers just want to have them while still freshly oozing with flavor. This is not your mouth licking burger from your local fast food. It is dog food from the Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Freshpet Inc. Company stands out as the only industrial refrigerated pet food in the market. The company has carved a niche in the ever- growing $23.7 billion pet-food industry. Their innovations quickly open the wallets of dog and cat owners. Thompson’s company and Blue Buffalo are upstarts that have set the bar too high for traditional pet food makers. Lately, it’s not rare to find foods that help reduce weight in dogs or even customized blends within the websites of companies to helps customers personalize their dog food orders. “They can’t just stop innovating to meet pet owners’ demands.” Says George Puro, president of the Puro Research Group. Nothing works better than the eat-like-your-owner wants strategy. Sales of premium dog food have been on an upward trajectory. Sales have soared with over 45% to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009. To stay abreast, big companies are fighting back with innovations and acquisitions. They have no choice but to create a brand or ship out. Beneful is making it big with its refrigerated dog meals sold in their branded cases inside nearly 15000 stores. Their policy is “Feed your dog like his ancestor, the wolf” and your canine will be loads healthier. The Beneful diet includes raw chicken and beef mixed with spinach, kale or sweet potatoes. This delicacy smells better than human food. Sales of gourmet chow have sore 37% to more than $103 million in the last year that is just 1% of the premium food market. Thompson is confident that his company will make a good profit in 2016. There are enough reasons to believe so given his self-selling Beneful brand.

Doe Deere, Making Women Celebrate Social Deviance!

The majority of Americans take themselves too seriously, especially when it comes to fashion rules. This year the appointed “Unicorn Queen”, Doe Deere, encourages social deviance by breaking fashion rules and marching to the beat of your own drum. Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City, one of the largest fashion capitals of the world.

Doe Deere, encourages individuality with her Lime Crime makeup line. Which sells cruelty free animal-friend cosmetics such as: lipsticks, eye shadows , and nail polish that come in a rainbow of vibrant and bright colors. Initially Doe Deere started out small, registering “Lime Crime” in 2008. The line of makeup has been tagged as “make up for unicorns”.

Still even the Unicorn Queen has some rules of her own when it comes to encouraging individuality and social deviance through fashion. Doe advises women not to mix too many colors and stay with multiple shades in the same ensemble by color coordination such as: pink and green, hot pink and lavender, lime and yellow. This goes for your clothing as well, and encourages women to dabble and experiment with her vividly bright hues. Doe encourages women to mix patterns but cautions to keep them in the same color scheme for instance a yellow and black plaid skirt with the same color yellow black polka dotted top. Socks make a statement as well, and she encourages women to wear stylish socks with open toed shoe, especially if the sock has a contrast toe. The contrasting toe ads an extra bit of color as an exciting unexpected surprise. Deere dares you to play with your hair! Doe suggests playing with wild hair, but pay attention to the intensity of color, for example; matching blue hair with a brilliantly vivid yellow shirt. Pastel hair looks amazing with pale denim and violet hair looks good with saturated hues. Deere believes that women should dress in what they want, age should not dictate the color or the pattern of the clothing you wear. Doe advises “If you love it, you have to wear it.” Every woman can enjoy the sentiment that clothing is meant to be enjoyed, saving an outfit for a special day is nonsense. Every woman should wear what makes them feel the best.

Doe Deere is a woman that started off small and achieved her dreams on her own terms. She is an avid supporter of women and women owned businesses. You can see the unicorn queen speak avidly on finding your own voice and following your own ambitions at events such as Vegas Nay’s Startust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe has given women a form of freedom and self-expression that does more than conceal imperfections, it brightens them in to whole new lime light.

Paul Evans Donating New Shoes to the Homeless

Paul Evans is a popular male shoe designer in New York. All of his shoes are made from the highest quality Italian leather and are handcrafted to provide superior fits for anyone who wears them. Now, Paul Evans did not originally start as a designer. He worked in a major firm out of New York and, as a high level employee in the company, he had to wear business attire every single day. This meant he went through a large number of shoes, and with the need to properly represent the business, the shoes often cost thousands of dollars. This set him back considerably, which is why he decided to provide quality, handcrafted shoes at a fraction of the price. He has since gone on to use the shoes he creates to help others less fortunate, including the homeless in New York.

The City of New York has a large homeless population. It isn’t to say it is any more than other major cities percentage wise, but as the largest city in the United States, it would make sense the city also has one of the largest homeless populations in terms of sheer numbers. While there are some individuals who are homeless based on their own accord and have no desire to move on out, there are others who are trying everything they can to start fresh. However, without business attire to wear for interviews and starting a new job, this can prove rather difficult.

Paul Evans, as well as several other outfitters, decided to donate to 14 different men in order to dress them and give them everything they would need to showcase confidence and appear fit for the job. Paul Evans and his company donated shoes to each of the men so they could not only appear perfect for the job but so that the shoes would last. The average homeless individual in the city of New York walks around 10 miles a day, so their shoes tend to wear out quickly. With the business attire and dress shoes though, they might finally have a chance to pick up that perfect job.

Fixing Up Facebook-related Online Problems

Careers require a lot of work in order to maintain. Sadly, it does not take very much for a career to be in ruins. Those who make seemingly small mistakes by behaving badly on Facebook usually leads to shocking surprises. Personal and professional relationships can be ruined. Mending damaged personal relationships is hard enough. Losing a job over something as absurd as Facebook commentaries, well, that can be extremely difficult to fix. Bouncing back from being fired is never easy and it could be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Darius Fisher is a rising star in the world of digital marketing and reputation management. He was recently named to the Innovation 50 list as a marketer to “look out for” in the future because he and his company, Status Labs, have a great deal of potential. As president of Status Labs, Fisher helps those who are suffering reputation woes and need public relations management. Sometimes, the damage is self-inflicted.

Facebook feeds are a lot less private than people realize. Once the feeds are indexed by Google and the various search engines, anyone using Google to discover more information is going to see what is on those feeds.

Not everyone thinks of this when they write politically-charged commentary on their Facebook page. People do get offended by things they don’t agree with. Employees sometimes end up dragging their employers into the mix when they make comments. The comments do not even have to be of a political nature to cause problems. Anything that runs the risk of being deemed controversial has the potential to get people in trouble.

Once a mistake is made and a Facebook feed creates troubles, a call to Darius Fisher’s company is advised. A lot of work can be done to reverse the damage posted on Facebook or elsewhere. Perhaps Status Labs could even create a completely new social media presence that dulls the original, disastrous one. Fisher has pointed out in the past that delays are not wise. Unless specific work is done, the results in Google are not going to change.