Jaime Garcia Dias – A Literary Trendsetter

Jaime Garcia Dias followed in his father’s footsteps throughout his career, and began writing at the age of 15. When he was 18, he entered the university Rio de Janeiro to study Letters. In 1993, Dias began teaching for Carioca Literature Academy and it lit a fire in him. He developed new styles of studying writing, which later changed the schools methods of teaching. He taught for 5 years before becoming Vice President of the Academy, where he spent 10 more years dedicated to excelled learning and structuring the Academy to it’s peak condition.

In 2001, being only 30 years old and having released over 10 books, CrunchBase shows that Jaime Garcia Dias was honored with the White Crane Award. The White Crane is a known prize in the literary world for bringing forward new authors in Brazilian literature. In 2007, on the 100th anniversary of the house, he was named President of Carioca Literature Academy and by that time the school had set a high standard in helping authors flourish. Within 3 years of his presidency, he announced the academy would be the first home dedicated to journalistic literature and is now the largest space in Brazil dedicated to writers.

In 2013, Dias honored his father, Arnaldo Dias, by being published in the Jornal do Brazil and creating his online blog. The chronicles consisted of childhood stories. Jaime was soon after invited by the Jornal to write a weekly literature notebook. Now, Jaime is writing about anything from wine, to the high cost of living alone, to saving money on your end of the year trip. It seems this diverse and cultured author has set a staple in Brazil for decades to come, setting the standard for an exceptional literary track. At only 45 years of age, this author has a long and note worthy career ahead of him no doubt. Follow him on Twitter to keep learning more about Jaime.